Monday, December 14, 2009

Whew! That was better!

Well, the Children Worship the Christ Child program was last night. The kids have been practicing every Wednesday night and Sunday before Sunday school starts. This year's program was much anticipated by all, especially us (see post below)! The organizer of the program wanted to have a short practice session right after church let out yesterday, just so the kids could find their spots, and know where to go. Man...that was pure CHAOS! There are only about 5 kids that are TJ's age, and they were scheduled to perform first. First I see "Baby Jesus" again, placed right in front of the I think "here we go again!" So during the practice, we had one little girl standing off to the side of the stage, crying; one little boy (who shall remain nameless because his mom might pass out) had his pants unbuttoned and was zipping his zipper up and down, up and down, over, and over, and over...absolutely HILARIOUS!!! TJ was singing, with a little umpaloompa up and down dancing action. And one little girl was picking out pieces of hay out of "Baby Jesus'" bed and putting it in her mouth. Seriously, I know this is a church program and all, but I was thinking "Maybe we should just skip tonight!" And believe me, I wasn't the only one! You could hear the threats all around...nice Christmasy threats!

All of the children were supposed to get there around 4:15 for a little extra "cram session" right before the program. It's 5pm, and the program starts...first up, TJ's preschool group! They all made it up on stage, without tripping, falling, pushing, etc...first step, success! The music starts, still no crying...second step, success! The singing begins, and TJ is about the only one you actually can hear singing...and he knows the words! He looks over at Thomas and I while in mid-song, then holds up his thumb and gives us a wink...just to say "I got this guys, no need to worry!" It was too cute! They finish up their 3 songs and make it off stage with no hiccups...WHEW, that was better!

Next up, Tuesday night's school Christmas program...guaranteed giggles!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Repeat Performance?

Ok, so this Sunday is TJ's big church Christmas program. I'm a little weary of how it's going to turn out since last year's performance was...let's just say...mortifying! Let me start off by saying that our church membership is small, so there are only a few children in the program from toddlers up to like 7th grade. Last year was our first year to attend this church, therefore TJ's first Christmas performance. So, here's how last year's performance went:

First, we have a sweet older gentleman who sits behind us every Sunday during church (for those of you that attend mega-churches, yes, we sit in the same pew every's a small church!). Anyway, he and TJ have struck up a friendship (imagine that). Every Sunday, he makes TJ some kind of boat, plane, or toy with the church program. If one isn't ready by the time we sit in our seats, TJ will turn around and ask him to make something. So, we sit in our seats, get the video camera ready, and I see TJ with a paper boat, actually 2 of them. Immediately I think, "Oh No!" Each younger child is sitting with an older child, and when the music starts they all get up singing and head towards the front. Not TJ, nope, he's still sitting in the pew with his boats, fighting the waves! Someone finally gets his attention, and he, with his boats, slowly make their way up. While he is supposed to be singing, he begins to "fly" both boats throughout the air. Well, this catches the attention of another 3 year old little girl who is supposed to be singing too. Not anymore...she and Thomas begin fighting, center stage, over the boats! I see fists flying, a little girl crying, but TJ...well, he comes out on top...with both boats in hand! You think that's bad...there's more! During the next song, all of the children begin to neal down and sing over "Baby Jesus." Center Stage, TJ is still standing up, not singing, boats flying. Eventually that gets too boring for him, so he neals down to "Baby Jesus" and I think "Finally, he's going to sing and do what he's supposed to." Nope, yet again. He pulls out his boats and starts "floating" them on "Baby Jesus!" Oh yes, he does!!!

Everyone else thought his whole "performance" was hilarious...and I guess now, a year later, it is pretty funny! But, I'm not ready for a repeat performance this year! Wish us luck...Thomas has already had to be called out of Sunday school to fetch TJ out from under the pews while he was supposed to be practicing...NOT looking good!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Does Anyone Else Have One of These...

Does anyone else have one of these? And no, I'm not talking about the precious little boy he looks, and most of the time acts, to be. What you ask, could I be referring to then? One of these boys that is 4 years old...wait, almost 5 years old, and still has accidents in his pants, I would say more than occasionally! And I'm not talking #1!!! I am so tired of smelling poop, cleaning poop, and doing poopy laundry that I can't see straight, or at least any color other than brown...yes, I know that is disgusting, but try living with it! The child thinks it is a punishment to go to the bathroom. He literally will dance until he goes in his pants a little, then like a flash of lightning decides that he has to go to the bathroom and dashes in throwing the toilet seat up, dropping his pants, and barely (sometimes not even) rings the toilet...and that's for #1. If one of us sees him acting in a strange manner such as dancing with his legs crossed, wiggling uncontrollably on the couch or floor, we insist that he go to the bathroom. His response is always, "I don't need to go." Or my favorite new response is "But Mommy, please don't make me!" Make him, what's that all about? He is too busy playing to stop to go to the bathroom! We have tried all punishment techniques to no avail...he has been put in time out 3 times in a day for pooping in his pants, he has been spanked for pooping in his pants, he doesn't care as long as he can poop in his pants to keep from having to stop playing (that is until we smell his stinky butt and have to clean up said poop and put him in timeout). Why doesn't he understand that it takes longer to poop in his pants and get in trouble than to just go sit on the potty? Any suggestions at this point are welcome...ANY!

PS. Sorry for my blogging absense lately. I promise to try to do better, however with another pooping baby on the way...not sure I will have time for anything other than cleaning up poop! Will catch up on Thanksgiving soon!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Arrrggg, Arrrggg

Happy Halloween to all! We decided to go to Auburn Thursday night for Trick-or-Treating since our area was holding Trick-or-Treating on actual Halloween...I mean who does that anymore? Just kidding, I always hated that Auburn wouldn't do Halloween on actual Halloween if it fell on a Friday or Saturday, due to football games! But, back to the point, there was a home football game Saturday so I knew I wouldn't feel like going Trick-or-Treating after all that...and imagine was supposed to rain! This has truly been the rainiest fall I can remember...and not even because of hurricanes! TJ decided he wanted to dress up as a pirate, only because he saw a sword at the store first. But, he ended up looking really cute! Uncle Lee and Nana accompanied us on our adventure to get buckets full of candy. TJ did great this year, remembering to say "Trick-or-Treat" and "Thank you" after getting candy. Most of the time, he would turn back around to the house and say "Have a Happy Halloween!" Such a sweet pirate...who knew?! We did take a rest stop once to grab a few M&M's, but other than that, made it 3 streets before heading home. When going through his pumpkin with Uncle Lee, checking out all of the yummy candies, he chose to eat the one and only APPLE! I know, wierd, what's wrong with him?! He's defintely made up for the lack of candy since then though...asking first each morning if he can have candy for breakfast :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Most Wonderful 5 Years

Saturday was our 5 year anniversary. We decided that instead of getting gifts this year, we would take a small trip...a getaway before more craziness begins! So, we decided since it is still football season and Thomas has to work really late on Friday nights, that we would just go to Atlanta on Saturday morning and come home on Monday morning. We stayed downtown at the Atlanta Marriot Marquis. It was a really nice hotel...and HUGE! On Saturday we drove straight to the Aquarium. We have never been and have been dying to check it out.

It was really neat and I can't wait to take TJ back! Then, we walked over to the World of Coke. It was really cool to see all of the machines that it takes to make a bottle of Coke. We could also taste over 60 coca cola drinks from all around the world. WARNING: France has nasty coke products! But, most of the others we tried were pretty good! But, my favorite thing was getting our picture made with the Coca Cola Polar Bear...he was so cute!

Sunday we mainly hung out around the hotel, swam in the indoor pool, worked out in the gym and ate dinner in the hotel's sports bar. It was a great little getaway and much needed during football season!!! I am so incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful husband. He is my best friend and I am thankful for every moment we shared together over the past 5 years! I love you Honey...48 more to go!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The 2nd Time Around

Well, I do have to say the 2nd time around the pregnancy circle happens much sooner than the 1st. My belly officially looks like I have a "bump" and have had numerous, sweet people that want to make me cry mention it a time or two...or actually touch it! But I have to remember, as Thomas says, "You're pregnant, I would worry if you weren't starting to get a belly!" So, I'll just post the below for your enjoyment...

This week is Homecoming week at Springwood. They have just come off of a HUGE win this past Friday which put them in the spot to host the 1st round of the playoff's at home. So, each day this week, the teachers and students are encouraged to participate in the dress up days. Today is "Hero" day. So, Thomas decided to dress up as, we'll call him Coach S. to somewhat protect the innocent, who is the new head football coach at Springwood. In order to look the part, Thomas stuffed his collared Springwood shirt with a pillow since Coach S. has a slightly big belly. So, I sleepily enter the kitchen to perform my morning Mommy duties. After breakfast, TJ walks over to me and sweetly touches my belly and kisses it. When he looks up at me, I think he is going to say something just as sweet, but instead...

TJ: "Mommy, your belly is as big as Coach S.'s belly!"

Ok, so Coach S. is a very nice man, and I have nothing against him...but SERIOUSLY...he would still have me beat in my 9th month!

Me: (Still standing there, my mouth agape, trying not to tear up)

Thomas: "Don't say things like that to Mommy, it could hurt her feelings!"

TJ: (He listens to his Daddy, then comes back over to me) "Mommy, you look pretty...does that make your day?"

TJ is already learning the art of how to make up for sticking his foot in his mouth...good thing to pick up being that he will one day be a MAN!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

And the Streak Continues...

Today we had our 16 week Dr.'s appointment and ultrasound. TJ and Thomas left school early to come with me to the Doctor. We all piled into the ultrasound room and anxiously awaited to hear everything was healthy and looking good. The technician took what seemed like a million pictures and measurements first. Then, as with Thomas, this little one did not want to cooperate. She tried to get it moving and finally got her wish! Just then she announced what we had all expected...the Hill boy streak continues! A perfectly healthy, sweet Baby Boy! Due April 5th!

Other than TJ's first words being "I wanted a sister!," we are so excited and blessed beyond measure. Continuing to pray that everything goes smoothly over the next 5 months. Thanks to all for your continued love, support, and prayers. You all mean the world to us!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Short Stories

Disclaimer: These are second hand stories, so all things written may not have happened EXACTLY as I write them, but they were too funny not to share and you'll get the general picture!

TJ's KK teaches 1st grade at his school and helps us out GREATLY by taking him home from school with her every afternoon. She has had 3 of her own Hill-boys to raise, therefore is aware of the trouble she has gotten herself into by agreeing to take TJ on. Yesterday, KK and TJ were getting prepared to leave the school. Being the wild child that he is, TJ was running around, lifting KK's shirt up and blowing on her belly. Well, as he is leaving, there is Mrs. Blackstone, principal of the elementary in all of her adminstrative glory...and what does TJ do you ask? Well, he rushes to Mrs. Blackstone, throws her shirt up and BLOWS on her stomach...YES, he BLOWS on her stomach! Mrs. Blackstone was a trooper however and took it all in stride...THANKFULLY not too horrified! She just told him "I'm going to remind you that you did that in a few years when you are a teenager!" TJ has no idea yet, but that will be TORTURE!

Another short story:
On Wednesdays, TJ goes to church with his KK and Papa to eat dinner and then to KIDS. During dinner, an older gentlemen, who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent, had come over to their table to talk. TJ looked up at him and said "You don't look good. Your face is all wrinkly."

Monday, September 28, 2009

Granny-isms a.k.a. Total & Complete Bluntness

Yesterday after church we went to lunch with Thomas' parents and grandmother (Granny). Granny is 88 years old. She has always said what is on her mind, not holding back for fear of hurting someone's feelings. Like the first day I met her, Thomas said "Well, you finally got to meet Ashlee, what do you think?" To which her response (right in front of me might I add), "Well, she sure is pretty, but I don't know if I like her yet!" So, back to yesterday...this is how the conversation went between Thomas and Granny:

Thomas: "Granny, we wanted to tell you that Ashlee and I are expecting a baby again!"

Granny: "I know."

Thomas: "You know? How?" (All of us are kind of giggling because she has mentioned to Joe and or Karen several times that she thought I was pregnant)

Granny: "Well, I knew she wasn't gaining all of that weight for nothing!!!"

Yeah, I think that tops the cake! Thank goodness I wasn't in the mood to cry at that particular moment as I have been a LOT lately! And, what a sweet husband I have that came to my defense to tell her that in fact I haven't gained any weight, but that it's just shifted to my stomach! And as if that wasn't enough, he next compliment went something like this:

Granny: "Ashlee, I really like your hair long like that."

Me: "Thank you Granny."

Granny: "It makes your face look thinner."

So, yes world, I know I'm not what I once was in the looks category, so something like "Congratulations" would work good right about now! Baby #2 to make his or her debut this Spring!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I will definitely start this one off by saying I absolutely adore my father-in-law. He is one of the best men I have ever known, and I couldn't have picked a better one...and I'm not just saying that because of what I'm about to write about. That being we go...

Since moving to the "Greater Valley Area" I have noticed a change in my own southern accent. However, TJ has some how grown to have a severe case of the southern accent which now may be described by some as down right redneck! I have always tried to correct him when he mispronouces words like oil, water ( do you get "wooter" from water?), ain't, etc. But, he threw me a curve ball the other day...see our coversation:

Me: "TJ, could you please go get me a spatula out of the drawer?"

TJ: "Spatu-lur,'s Spatu-lur."

Me: (Knowing exactly where he heard it from and trying not to laugh) "Um, no honey, it's not. It's spatu-la."

TJ: (Getting relatively upset and red-faced at this point) "NO MOM, it's Spatu-lar! That's what my Papa says...Spatu-lur!!!!!!!"

Me: (As calmly as possible, still trying to hold my laughter at bay) "Ok, ok...I know that's how Papa says it, but its really spatu-la. You say it however you want to."

Now, here's the kicker...Thomas comes home and I go about telling him the above story to which he says (let me remind you that my husband is no longer 5 years old...he's actually 27): "I thought it was spatu-lur too!" AND HE WAS SERIOUS!!!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

For Your Listening Pleasure...

As promised, here are some videos of TJ singing songs he has learned from school...ENJOY!

Battle of Jericho

Humpty Dumpty

Mary Had a Little Lamb...this one is my FAVORITE!!!

I Caught a Fish Alive

I hope you have enjoyed the musical stylings of TJ Hill. Please come again.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This one's for Michael...

Just a small new story for Michael's enjoyment...

In TJ's class, they have the green light, yellow light, red light behavior system. Each child has his or her own clothes pin which starts out pinned on green each morning. The teacher will warn the student before moving their pin, but after a warning, their pin gets moved to yellow and so forth. The first few weeks of school, Mrs. Dewberry spends ALL day going over the rules and what she expects from them so everyone's pin stays on green. Every day after school, when promted by me asking what he did at school that day, TJ's response would be "we stayed on green today!" I've lost count, but we have now been in school for 4 or 5 weeks, so they have moved on from ALL staying on green. If they get moved to yellow, or by all means to red, the teacher sends home a note so the parents know what happened. So, much to my surprise, our chatty child has STAYED on green every day!!! Well, Friday I met him and his KK & Papa for dinner before heading over to the game and I noticed he didn't have face paint on - very unusual since every Friday he has had "eye-black" painted on him and prepared to go to the "Pepper-Rally." So, I asked him why he didn't have any face paint today. He just said that it had rubbed off. Fast forward to later at the game, I ran into the aide, Mrs. Strewsberry, and asked how he had been..."Be truthful" I said. She said he has been great, but that they were having trouble getting him to sit still in his chair. I will remind you, TJ was standing there while I was talking to Mrs. Strewsberry and never said a word. He has always had issues sitting still...I tell him he has wiggly bones. He is never still, well at least until he drops to sleep at night. Well, I still didn't think much about it...not until Monday when I was going through his school bag and looked in his folder...and.guess.what.I.saw, a YELLOW face. He had been moved to yellow for not sitting still...not just wiggling in his chair, but hanging upside down with his head on the floor. KK said she knew about it, but it wasn't her business to tell us. Come to find out the reason he didn't have face paint on was because he got so upset for having to move his pin to yellow he cried the paint off! I am sure this is the first of many occasions he will have to move his pin :)

Stay tuned for TJ singing nursery rhymes...hilarious!

Monday, August 31, 2009

A Lesson on Repentance

Ok, so I think it may be time to set up a one on one appoitment with Dr. Tom Tucker, our minister at First Baptist West Point! Maybe two appointment times, one for TJ and one for Thomas and I! I also think that I need to applaud TJ's Sunday school teacher for the marvelous job she has done teaching TJ lessons from the Bible, and some how gotten him to remember what he learned and use it against his parents! Let me back up and start off by telling what happened Saturday morning...TJ was playing around with Thomas and I and I forget what he was into or doing at that particular moment that he shouldn't have been (since it happens more times than I can count during a particular day), but I asked TJ to stop doing whatever it was he was doing. He, of course who has listening problems, didn't stop the first time, so I said, "I'm going to ask you one more time to stop." At which he shouted "NO, I won't!" So, Thomas picked him up and took him to his favorite spot in the house...TIME OUT! After his 4 minutes were up, Thomas went back over to ask TJ why he had been put in time out.

Thomas: "Do you know why you are in time out?"

TJ: "Because I yelled at Mommy and told her no..."

Thomas: "That's right. God doesn't like for you to act ugly to your parents, you need to tell Mommy you are sorry."

TJ: "Daddy, Did Jesus die?"

Thomas: "Yes he did, but he came back to life."

TJ: "Well...all my sins are washed away."

What do you say to that!!! Hence the much needed appointment with Dr. Tom to discuss said event, and how they also need to teach REPENTANCE in Sunday school...even to 4 year olds 'cause they obviously get it!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


A lot has been going on with the Hill clan since August began, but not much to blog about. Both of my boys have started school and I feel like I hardly see them during the week, therefore not much to write about! I do have to say that August has been a rather difficult month for me personally...well, as a mother. TJ is 4 1/2 and has always been a Momma's boy. He has his occasional Daddy Days where he follows Thomas around wanting to fight and play all day. But recently, I feel like I have a mutinous child...he is ALL about his Daddy right now! This is how our afternoons have been progressing since school began...As soon as we get home...which is not until about 6:30...I start dinner, cleaning up the kitchen and preparing for the next day. Thomas usually gets home from practice around 7:00, just in time to sit down at the table for dinner. Once dinner is over, we clean the table and get the kitchen cleaned up, yet again. Then TJ follows Thomas and they end up playing...aka fighting of some sort! To which TJ says, "Mommy, we're playing too rough, you can't play. Go into the living room." Then, Thomas feels bad that I am left out and knows that I just want to spend time with my "little" boy, so he tells TJ that it is time to calm down and head into the living room with Mommy. Of course, TJ huffs and puffs in annoyance that he has to stop playing and go sit down with boring 'ole me! He used to sit in my lap every night while calming down and getting ready for bed, well last night that little traitor sat in his Daddy's lap! I do all of the no-fun-at-all, getting ready for school, making lunches, cooking dinner, washing the laudry and what do I get...NOTHING! Are all Mommies no fun?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

AFTER School Report...What a night!

I am happy to report that TJ's first day of K-4 was a success! He had a ton of fun and was excited to show us his notebook last night.

After school TJ went to his KK and Papa's house until I got home from work. We all went out to dinner afterwards, but TJ wouldn't eat any dinner...that is until Papa bribed him! He only ate his applesauce and drank his Sprite. Then we headed home. When we pulled into the drive and opened the garage door we noticed that Mya (Houdini Dog) had found some of TJ's toys and had them all over the garage! Upon further inspection, she had chewed an extension cord into numberous pieces, unplugged...but at this moment kinda thinking it would have been good if it was plugged in! Then comes the worst...she chewed through our garage door wiring!!!!!!!! Now, our garage door won't open and close!!! Beginning to rethink this whole dog thing again...

Next in our crazy night, we decided we needed to throw the ball to Mya and let her run around for a while before heading inside for the night. TJ was right along side her running up and down the driveway and across the yard. They ran and played for about 15 minutes and the mosquitoes were out in full force, so we headed in. As soon as we walked in, TJ tells me he has a headache. When I look at him, his little cheeks are bright red, so I just tell him that he is probably too hot and needs to get something cool to drink. After taking a sip, we head over to the couch to check out his school notebook. I opened the notebook and TJ was standing in front of the couch and still looked hot, so I asked if he was feeling alright. He slowly raised his head from the couch and S P L A S H...threw up all over the couch, his school notebook, me, him, the floor...EVERYWHERE! So, I ran him to the trash can and he threw up some more. After changing his clothes, he threw up 2 more times. He was so pitiful, kept crying because his Daddy threw away his notebook. Shortly after, he fell asleep and slept all night and is back to his cheery self this morning. WHAT A NIGHT! We won't soon forget TJ's first day of school.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"That Momma Did Good..."

So, we have closed one chapter and begun a new one with TJ's last day at Bonnie's Kids (daycare) and today, his first day at Springwood for K-4.

This is a picture from Friday, TJ's last day at daycare. Notice...he is the only one NOT looking at the camera. Anyway, he HAD to have a party for his last day. So, I suggested we take cupcakes for snack time. He went to the grocery store with me and picked out the strawberry cake mix, and pink strawberry icing. Of course he was the only one not to eat his cupcake either! Overall our daycare experience was a positive one. We will miss the friends that we made there over the last 3 years and hope to keep in touch and see each other often. I am glad however to have escaped the teachers who cannot even speak correct English while teaching my child to say words like "ain't" (which I dispise). I will not miss my son saying "Well, Miss Rebekka says (fill in the blank with whatever is the opposite of what I am saying)" But, for nostaligic purposes, I will think only the positive and say thank you for all of the things you did teach our son.

This is a picture taken this morning, Tuesday, August 11, 2009, TJ's first day of K-4 at Springwood School!!! He looks so BIG! He, of course, has been super excited and counting down the days until he gets to go to "big school" with Daddy. I guess I should feel a little better that I have 2 family members working at the same school, one being his Dad and the other his KK (and she will even be in the same building). I decided I would put my happy face on today and not let TJ see me upset. Once we arrived at the school we all walked in and there he went, not scared or apprehensive at all! He looked up at his new teacher, Mrs. Dewberry, and just as matter of factly said "I go to school here now." The child could have cared less that Thomas and I were still there waiting for him to hug us and tell us good bye! When Thomas and I walked out, we walked passsed the headmaster and principle outside and I over heard one of them say, "That Momma did good!" With my back to them, all I thought was "only if she could see the tears streaming down my face at this very minute..." My little boy is growing up so fast!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Kids should come with a BLEEP button...

After coming home from the lake around 5:00 yesterday afternoon, I decided I would cook chicken alfredo (even though I didn't want to cook at all). I started the water on the stove and started pulling out my ingredients only to realize, guess what, I don't have any chicken!!! That is the second time this week I have started to cook dinner, then realize I am missing ONE ingredient! Thomas sweetly asked if I would like him to run to the store (during which time it is monsooning outside). I say no and ask if it would be okay to just have noodles and chicken. He then says, "Let's just go out to eat." Which is secretly what I wanted to hear all along ;)

Fast forward to the restaurant...while finishing the last of our dinner, TJ stands up in the booth and says, "Ok, I'm ready to go now." Thomas then informs him, "we can't just leave...we have to pay a lot of money before we can get out of here." TJ responds, "Oh..." So, our waiter comes over and asks if we are all finished and need anything else. Then hands us our bill. During this process, I see TJ getting ready to say something..."My Daddy says that we have to pay a lot of money before we can get out of here!" We are giggling at this point and the ladies in the table behind us are laughing loudly. Our waiter takes it in stride and hands TJ the bill and asks him if he has any money to pay. When he says no, the waiter asks him if he knows how to wash dishes. He says, "No, I'm just a kid." We all chuckle...on to the next BLEEP moment...

Well, while waiting for our waiter to return with our card and receipt, I notice a smell and remember that in Chambers County (what century are they in) they still allow smoking in restaurants!!! So, I blurt out "We need to get outta here...those people are smoking...we'll all have to take showers again when we get home!" Waiter then returns with our receipt and TJ practically yells loud enough for everyone within a mile to hear, "We need to get outta here..." SLAM, my hand practically knocks his front teeth out as I cup my hand over his mouth and apologetically look at the waiter. This is where the BLEEP button would have come in handy. The waiter snickers and just says, "I understand" and walks away from the table with a huge grin on his face. Once he reaches the kitchen, we hear a thunderous laugh. About that time, as our faces are red-hot we escape to the car where we try to explain that not all things we say to him need to be told to other people!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is this just a phase?

TJ has recently been exaggerating his "greatness." He is always, and I mean always, telling everyone he comes in contact with just how strong he is and how he can "patect" (protect) everything. We were thinking this was just a phase and just kinda going along with it, but I am beginning to get a little worried. The other day he told a police officer..."you can't get me!" Thomas said the officer just looked at him and kinda smiled, but he had to be thinking..."what have those parents done for their child to be saying that to a cop!" Honestly, we have not said those words...believe me! And at home one night, he and Thomas were wrestling around and he informed us that he can break down our walls. Thomas snickered and gave me a "watch this" look and said, "show me" and pointed to the wall behind the couch. So, by all means, TJ swung his arm back and slammed his fist into the wall. Needless to say, the wall didn't budge. TJ kinda winced and shook it off and said, "well, not that wall." Then during one of our ususal morning coversations, TJ says "Mommy, I can stop a train!" To which I immediately responded..."NO, you can't!!!" "Well, I can stop a small one..." My response, "NO, you can't!!!" I mean, this is getting a little ridiculous! I am seriously worried that he thinks he is invincible...what if he decides to "patect" me and run in front of a car?! He's 4 and I know is aware that he can get hurt, but I guess he doesn't really get it...any suggestions?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Those Fighting White Blood Cells

A few weeks back TJ had a fever and felt pretty bad for several days, so we took him to the Doctor. Of course, $30 later, he just has a virus that "will have to run it's course." But, while at the Dr.'s office, he had to have his finger pricked for them to check his white blood cell count. Apparently afterwards, the nurse explained that she was sorry she had to do it, but needed to make sure the WBC's were doing their job to fight the virus.

Fast forward about a month to last night, and let me remind you my child has the memory of an elephant and constantly surprises us with the things he remembers. Thomas is in full summer football swing and only has Wednesdays and Friday nights off, so he usually gets cooking duty at least one of those nights. Last night he decided to grill hamburgers. And, since I was feeling lazy, I decided the sides would be chips (that we already had) and strawberries (that we already had). So, during dinner, TJ first goes straight for the chips. A few chips later, I inform him that he is to eat no more chips until he has finished at least 1/2 of his hamburger. Which surprisingly, he does without a fight! After he finished 1/2 he says he's full. I tell him that he must eat several strawberries before he can be finished. He eats a few, then starts eating chips again to which I comment "I thought you were full?" He then informs me "chips help his white blood cells fight bad things." Who would've known that? Apparently, he does. He also decides to try the strawberries again for their fighting power and comes over to me and says "Mommy, feel my white blood cells...they're really fighting hard!"

Monday, July 20, 2009

TJ's 1st Brave's Game

For Father's Day, we got Thomas Brave's Tickets. TJ has never been to a game and we thought we would test out his attention span and buy him a cheap $6 ticket to come along! Thomas wanted to get to the stadium early, so we walked up just as the gates were opening (2 1/2 hours prior to game time)! So, we walked around for a while then TJ saw the Cartoon Network kids there we went! He played and played with the stupidest games! Finally we got him outta there and went up to let him run the bases on top of the stadium. Come game time he was worn out, and in the 3rd inning said "Mommy, I'm ready to go home!" But, he was a good little sport and stuck it out! He was really intrigued by the vendors that walked up and down the aisles, yelling about whatever item they were trying to sell. One time the cotton candy man passed us as TJ was trying to get his attention. TJ got upset and said "I want some of that and he didn't stop!" We then had to explain that you can't just get the food, that you have to pay for it. So, the next time the cotton candy man was coming up our aisle, he yelled "Hey, I want some of that...we have money!" I guess at least he didn't say that to the beer guy, but he did tell him "I don't need any of those redult (adult) drinks." After the game, they had Friday Night Fireworks...which were GREAT! The Brave's game is another first in the books along with the first time he stayed up until 1:00 a.m.!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Little Fishy

We have been determined to have TJ learn to swim. He has taken group swimming lessons since last spring and had individual lessons this spring. I am not sure what it was, but he just didn't care to learn...wasn't scared, but wouldn't try. So, we decided that was all of the money we were wasting and didn't sign him up for summer lessons. Well, guess what...he's stubborn like his Daddy (and me, I guess)! On our Hill Family beach trip, the very first day he got into the pool and swam by himself! He is now able to swim across the pool, jump off the diving board and swim to the proud of our little fish!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Breakfast with Jesus

Last week TJ took his "vacation week" from school and stayed home with Dadddy. On Wednesday mornings our church holds "Breakfast with Jesus" for the kids (and parents) for 2 hours. So, TJ was super excited to go to church on Wednesday morning.

When Thomas picked him up he asked, "How was breakfast with Jesus?" TJ looked a little disappointed and said, "Well, we ate breakfast but Jesus didn't come down!"

Then Thomas asked "What did you learn about at church this morning?" TJ responds, "We learned about Peter or Simon...they ate fish and drank water, but all we got was donuts and orange juice!"

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The New Bachelor

Alright ladies, prepare yourselves, I have found the perfect guy for next season's "The Bachelor!" He is approximately 3 1/2 feet tall and weighs 40 lbs. He lives in a lovely one story home along with his mother and father and will attend pre-K in the fall. You guessed it...TJ Hill!!!

What, you ask, is the reason behind this nomination?

We don't watch much T.V. at our house in the evenings other than the Brave's Game playing in the background. But, I do have to say, Monday nights at the Hill House, are my reality T.V. indulgence nights. I always watch "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" every Monday night and ususally TJ plays cars on the floor in the living room while I am engrossed in the show. I know, this is a sad fact, but I can't help myself! Anyway, back to the story...Well, yesterday we were eating lunch at Logan's and TJ always likes to unwrap the silverware from the napkins and hand it out. So, he was unwrapping my silverware, and as he pulled out the fork he looked at me with a charming smile and said, "Mommy, would you accept this fork?"

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Power of Please

We were at the lake this weekend, eating lunch on Saturday, and for some reason, for a short time, TJ had a mean streak flowing through him. He didn't want me to sit at the table, under the cool breeze of the fan, with he and Nana. He kept telling me to get up and move and I kept joking back with him that I wouldn't. So, after bantering back and forth for a few minutes, he got kind of quiet. You could almost see the wheels turning, and then he says, "Mommy, if I say please, will you do anything I tell you?" I knew I needed to answer this carefully because he was questioning the power of using "please" and contemplating on whether he should really say it or not. So, I said "Well, I won't always do what you ask just because you say please, but you should always say please because I definitely won't do what you ask with out it." Then, he sits quietly again and seems to be pondering his next move. "Mommy, would you PLEASE move and go sit in that chair?"

Nana and I couldn't help but laugh at his attempt to get me to move from the table again and test whether "please" would help him get what he wanted. I just said "Thank you for asking nicely, but no, I am good where I am." He huffed a little in annoyance, and then was over it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lightning Bugs, Mosquitos, & Bug Spray

Disclaimer: This isn't going to be a funny post like ALL of my previous ones ;) It is more for documentational reasons. Sorry to those of you who read my blog to get a good laugh at our expense!

TJ has a new hobby...BUGS! He is extremely interested in all bugs, and doesn't discrimiate or pick favorites (exception - mosquitos). At Nana's house he collected a rolly poley, some-sort of flying bug (that Nana killed), and a cute little green inch worm. Lately at home, he has been going out at dusk to collect lightning bugs (aka fireflies, for those of you who aren't from the south). He is pretty good at catching them and will stay out catching them as long as we let him. Nana has a little bug cage that he has brought home which he keeps his bugs in. During all of this bug catching, TJ has developed what looks like chicken pox all over his legs. He has some on his arms and even 2 whelps on his face! Thomas and I seriously thought he might have chicken pox and even took his temperature hoping this would explain TJ's extremely fussiness lately (since he is 4 years old and should be getting out of the whinny, fussy stage, right?). Well, no temperature...just more mosquito bites than I have ever seen per square inch of skin!!! He is scratching constantly and even looks like he is doing the "pee-pee" dance while he rubs his legs together to scratch! So, I bought some bug spray!

So, last night as soon as we got home from Vacation Bible School, he grabbed his bug-barn and ran out the front door to catch yet another 1000 lightning bugs (which I might add seem to escape out of the bug-barn and I find them randomly throughout our in my bed). I was changing clothes so I asked Thomas to run out and spray him down...I didn't mean that literally, but he did just that! When TJ came in I wiped his legs and arms down, but still smelled that bug spray odor even on his face. I asked TJ if Daddy had sprayed his face, just joking about it...well, yes, Daddy did spray his face with bug spray. I am no doctor, but I don't think you are supposed to spray your face with bug spray.

Monday, June 15, 2009

That's Awesome!

TJ is definitely ALL boy! I have known this fact for a while, but this morning he just added another check to the list. While doing our daily commute this morning, TJ, as usual, was in a talkative and inquisitve mood. Asking questions about random things, such as "Mommy, what is 50?" What exactly did he mean by that? "It's a number?" I responded. "Ok." On to the next random thought...

TJ: "Mommy, why did that bird have boobies?"

Me: (Trying not to laugh out loud, or so that he can see me) "What bird, Honey?"

TJ: "That bird on the movie last night."

Me: (We did watch Happy Feet last night on TV, so thinking back, I did notice that all of the female penguins had a yellow shading on their chests.) "Well, they were girls."

TJ: "Were they Mommies?" (Pause) "Yeah, they were girl, Mommies!" (Pause) "That's AWESOME!"

Not exactly sure what he was referring to as being Awesome, I didn't ask!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Grab a Tissue for This One

Most of you know that we had a rough start to this year with our miscarriage in February. We were unsure of how to handle telling TJ that he wasn't going to have a brother or sister for a while longer, because he was super excited to be a big brother. How do you explain that to a 4 year old? So, we decided we would just answer his questions as they came and not try to explain the situation. As I have stated numerous times, TJ is very inquisitive and wants to know WHY about EVERYTHING. So, he has asked on numerous occasions about "his baby." I have always answered the best way I knew how by telling him that the baby wasn't in my belly anymore and explained that God would give us another baby when he is ready for us to have one. As I have also mentioned before, TJ remembers EVERY answer I give and often tests me to make sure I give the same answers. So, while at the beach, Thomas, TJ, Uncle Mike and I were driving, and TJ tells Uncle Mike "you can sit there, and this is my baby's seat, so you can't sit here." Uncle Mike responded, "you have a baby?" And TJ said, "well, it's in heaven with God and when he's ready for us to have a baby, then he'll give one to us." Of course, I'm driving and tears are streaming down my face. What a sweet and precious gift to have such an amazing little boy. We are truly blessed to have him in our lives and if God provides us with other children one day, we will be thankful beyond measure!

Thank you to all of you who have been there for us this year...the thoughts and prayers have been felt and we are doing great!

Friday, June 5, 2009


The above picture really has nothing to do with this story...I just like pictures, and I thought this one may look like someone named Bubba ;)

Any way, TJ has been into playing "Mommy & Daddy" lately. He is always the Daddy of the babies (beanie babies). After church on Sunday, Thomas and I headed to Nana's house to eat lunch and pick TJ up. When we got there, we walked out onto the deck where TJ and Nana were cooking and playing. As soon as we opened the door, TJ started giving directions.

TJ: "I'm the Daddy and Nana's the Mommy of the babies."

Me: (Nice to see you too, missed you, can I have a kiss and hug?) "Ok."

TJ: "And Mommy, you're Grandmomma."

Me: (I'm not quite ready for that stage.) "Sounds good...I'll just spoil the babies."

TJ: "And Daddy..."

Thomas: "Yes, who am I?"

TJ: "Daddy, you can be BUBBA."

We all laughed hysterically. "Bubba"...Who's Bubba? The remainder of the day we spent calling each other Grandmomma and Bubba. I think Thomas is seriously considering being called "Bubba" one day when he is a grandpa!!! At least I have plenty of time to change his mind!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Will Never Miss the First Day of T-ball Again!

I thought I would share these T-ball pictures of TJ and Thomas... since they are the ONLY ones I have! As I have mentioned before, I do love my husband and know that he does his best to make me happy (most of the time). However, I was out of town on a girls beach trip during TJ's first t-ball game. And, I knew that all of the kids were supposed to get their pictures made and a team picture too. The boys called after the game to tell me how it all went, but never mentioned the pictures, and of course I was at the beach relaxing and didn't think to ask. Several weeks later we walked up to the field excited to watch yet another awesome display of athleticism and I see that all of the other parents are adoring their t-ball photos!

Me: So, I excitedly ask Thomas..."where do we pick up OUR pictures!?"

Thomas: "well, I didn't get his pictures made..."

Any of you that know me, know that I take way too many pictures, but pictures are my hobby! So, I am just dumbfounded that MY husband wouldn't get TJ's pictures taken of his FIRST t-ball season!!!

Me: "Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY NOT!"

Thomas: Looking all innocent like that might save him,"Well, I forgot the little form-thingy that I had to fill out, so I just didn't get his pictures made..."

Me: "You don't think that you could have maybe asked for another one???"

Thomas: "I didn't think about it..."

Needless to say, I am still a little bitter over the fact that I don't have any pictures to commemorate TJ's first t-ball season and team (since this has been several weeks ago). So, I made them both stand in the yard and I took tons of pictures...they aren't professional pictures mind you, but they're all I've got! Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I thought I would get him until he is at least 10 years old, but NO...someone else has stolen his heart! TJ officially has his first crush at 4 years old! This is Ali, cute girl huh?! TJ and Ali met back in March of this year while she was in town visiting her boyfriend, aka his Uncle Carson!!! TJ didn't hold back one bit. He chased Ali around the whole weekend and after dinner at Amsterdam, he went in for the kill! When getting up from the table, he darted past his Uncle Carson, around the table, and grabbed Ali's hand. He quickly let her know that he is always the line leader, so they needed to walk to the front of the group. Hand in hand, they strolled through the restaurant and all could see love was blooming in the air. Well, Ali had to leave after that night and go back to Athens. But, as fate would have it, Uncle Carson brought the two back together last week at our beach trip! Throughout the week, TJ smoothly worked his magic on Ali...he would pretend dinosaurs were kissing her (so he could), he would place his hand on her thigh, he found numerous shells on the shore to give her, and invited her to play Hi-Ho-Cheerio! It was a magical, wonderful week!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Because God Made it That Way

As mentioned previously, our son is a blabber mouth. He talks more than any child I have ever been around, make that any human being I have ever been around! Not only does he talk a lot, he asks question, after question, after question which the majority I have no idea how to answer! We drive from Lanett to Opelika every day for work and school (about 25 minutes). On our drives he must ponder all of life's questions and never stops to catch his breath while asking each one. May I also state, that my child must be testing me because he never forgets what my responses are, but continually asks the same questions to see if I give the same response. It all starts off with "Mommy..." which in turn means I have to respond, "Yes, Thomas?" And after asking his question and recieving my fully thought out response, he says "WHY?" I now believe the word "why" should officially be removed from the english language! I know I should be thankful that my child is so inquisitive and interested in learning about EVERYTHING, but sometimes I really don't want to think! Day after day of this constant testing and questioning by a 4 year old can honestly drive a Mom crazy! So, I have now come up with a response that seems to satisfy him and is the basic truth of all creation..."because God made it that way." Good answer, pat myself on the, I can just give that answer no matter what he asks :)

So, the other day we were hanging out at the house and our converstation starts:

TJ: "Mommy..."

Me: "Yes, Thomas?"

TJ: (Pointing and closely examining the heels of my feet) "Mommy, why you feet broken?"

Me: "What do you mean?" I asked defensively "You mean cracked?"

TJ: "Yeah Mommy, Why you feet cracked?" (as he looks even more intently)

Me: "Well..."

TJ: "Cause God made you that way?"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Whaz up???

In case you can't totally see how my son's hat is on his head, yes, it is completely gansta sideways! And no, I didn't put it on his head like that! What's up with t-ball jerseys and hats anyways. Don't they know the people wearing them are kids, and not only kids in this league, but 3 and 4 year olds???

In his last game, his hat kept sliding down over his eyes and was practically touching his nose! So, this week, I sent him on the field with his hat turned backwards. I am sure that in the "official t-ball rule book" they are supposed to wear their hats straight, but isn't there a rule that they should have hats that fit too? Any way, his hat was on backwards, and one of the coaches turned it forward and added a little gansta lean to the side. Guess what coach...he still can't see! I know that none of the kids are really paying attention anyway and would rather see the dirt at their feet than the ball, but maybe I'll petition the t-ball powers at be anyway!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Houdini in Action Again

In my first post, I talked about our dog, Mya, and how she is our son's best friend. Well, TJ and Mya spent the night at the lake with KK and Papa on Saturday while Thomas and I went to a wedding shower. When we got back up to the lake on Sunday, TJ and Papa had gone for a ride on the wave-runner. KK then says, "you know what, Mya was down there with them, and I haven't seen or heard her since they left." Thomas and I both immediately got worried, knowing that Mya does not like to be left by TJ. She is always right there by his side, wherever he is. The day before Thomas had put her into the lake several times to get her to swim. So, my first thought was that she saw TJ and Papa on the wave-runner and jumped in the water after them. Both times, she struggled to get back up on the dock and didn't seem to like swimming at all! So, Thomas and I run down to the boat dock yelling frantically for her. We hear nothing and see nothing. We decided to get in the boat and drive down into the cove since that is the way the current would have taken her if she had jumped in. We drove along the edge, looking all around, and still yelling her name in hopes of finding her still barely treading water or up on the shore. Still, nothing. After about 30 minutes, we just felt there was no way she had made it and I started to tear up thinking I was going to have to tell TJ that his dog had drown! We gave up and started driving the boat back up to the house, when Papa, TJ, and...MYA drove up on the wave-runner! She had gotten upset as soon as they started out and jumped into the water, swam over to them, and climbed on!

Friday Night Hi-Lights

I wanted to share a few pictures from Friday night's BIG game against Knauff!

Top: Paying attention while playing "short cut" (as TJ says) or short stop...Good way to use your hat buddy! (wish I could've gotten a picture while he was fully laid out making a "dirt angel")

Middle: Watching the game before ours and getting mentally prepared...

Bottom: Here, you see #1, Thomas Hill, Jr. getting ready to hit a home run as he likes to say he does every at bat!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Listening Issues...and not my 4 year old!

Ok, so I love my husband dearly...I just have to mention that before I begin.

So, we have a t-ball game this afternoon. And, at 7:30 this morning while trying to get myself dressed and ready for work, turning on cartoons to keep TJ from talking long enough to get some make-up on (the child talks more than any other I have ever seen...I swear we talk to him at home and pay him PLENTY of attention...this must be part of the only child sydrome I was referring to previously), getting him something to eat even though he will eat breakfast again at school in an hour, getting some clothes on the boy (which proves difficult on the best of days) I suddenly realize that I have fallen down on my "mommy" laudry duties. To clarify, I don't think it is a Mommy's job to always do the laundry, but my husband shrunk my favorite sweater to a size 6...and I mean 6 in girls, several years back and therefore he is not allowed to touch my clothes. I have NEVER said he can't do his own laundry however. But anyway, I have fallen down on my duty this week and have not done a load since last Friday. So, I haven't washed TJ's pants and jersey for his game tonight...nor Coach Hill's jersey! I decided it would be best to frantically get the white clothes in the wash before I left for work. Then, I went through all of the colored clothes and separated them into regular wash/delicate wash...ALL while making a mental note that I would have to call Thomas as soon as he got out of school to finish the laundry.

So, I sent Thomas a text message this afternoon when the thought popped into my head (I never know if the thought will come back or not, so I have to do it as soon as it comes). I told him to call me as soon as he got out of school. 3:04 pm my cell phone rings. I run from the front of the office to catch it because I know I may not ever get ahold of him again since he leaves his cell phone on silent "accidentally" every day after school! So, I answer and explain what I need done:

Me: "Hey, what are you doing?"

Thomas: "I'm still at school." (Like that answered the question)

Me: "Ok, well I need you to do me a favor as soon as you get home." (notice I said "me a favor"...its not really for me is it?) "I forgot to wash the t-ball clothes, so I put a load of whites in the washer this morning. I need you to put them in the dryer on the delicate cycle as soon as you get home. Then, I have set out a load of colors right by the washing machine that I need you to throw in the washer on the regular cycle, then in the dryer as soon as they are done."

Thomas: "Ok, so I just need to throw everything in the dryer?"

Me: "And..." (Please tell me you have been listening and not tuning me out while I have been going through all of the directions...what is it with your "man-listening"!!!)

Thomas: "I don't know, I was doing something else while you were talking and I didn't hear you."

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Are you kidding me?! Do all husbands have this ability to tune their wives out? We have even previously and on several occasions had this discussion about how he has selective hearing when I talk. He came up with some kind of physcology crap that men handle stress differently from women, blah, blah, blah! What does that have to do with listening? If he wasn't ready to listen to me, he should've waited to call me until he was ready, right? Well, I guess we will see if it gets done...and, if not, they can wear dirty, stinky, wet shirts! It's not gonna bother me.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's that Sound?

Sorry Nana for sharing this, but it is too funny not to! Thomas spent the night with his Nana last Friday night since we were going to an adult Sunday School dinner/social/thingy, AND more importantly Nana "had been missing him!" Well, when I called Saturday morning on my way to Auburn to pick him up, Nana sounded utterly exhausted! She said that Thomas had woken up about 3:00 am and needed to go to the bathroom. So, after using the potty, they climbed back in bed. Thomas restlessly tried to go back to sleep, and as Nana puts it...THEY did'nt get much sleep after 3:00. But, she said that Thomas kept saying "Nana, what's that sound!" She would sleepily reply, "I don't hear anything." A few minutes later..."Nana, what's that sound!" "Nothing TJ." Finally he said, "Nana, what's that sound...YOU'RE making!" My poor little man was being kept awake by Nana, who was obviously sleeping...and SNORING! They finally decided to just get up about 5:00! Thomas was so pooped on Saturday that he took a 3 1/2 hour nap!!! Thanks Nana!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mya or should I say Houdini?

I am really excited to get started posting on this blog. I have been wanting to do this for a while now, and finally took the time to set one up...and surprisingly I took the most time coming up with the blog title! I really wanted to start this as a way to keep up with everyday occurances that happen in our lives and to share them with friends and family. My mom is always saying "you should write that down!" Most of the posts will probably be about our four year old, T.J., but lately most of our craziness revolves around the dog, Mya!!! We adopted her from the Humane know, trying to save just one! She was the sweetest, quietest puppy in the place! Come to find out, she is magic...should've named her Houdini! You see her pictured, she's not THAT big...yeah well, she can clear a 4 1/2 foot fence standing still! We bought a chain link fence so that she could spend the days outside instead of in a kennel...nice right? Well, she doesn't think so! We have spent who knows how much money rigging (Thanks Honey) the fence to keep her in. Thomas boards the top, she digs underneath the fence. He boards the bottom and puts net over the top, she jumps thru the net and puts a hole in it. Now, when she gets out you would think we would be worried that she will run away...well, don't worry about that...I couldn't make her run away! She just goes to the front and back doors and tears the weather stripping away trying to get in the house! But, in saying all of this, know that our son loves his dog and always says "Mya is my best friend Mommy," with his sweetest blue eyes. And I have to give her credit, she is absolutey GREAT with TJ. What's a Mommy to do?