Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Letter to Mother Earth

Dearest Mother Earth,

Um, we live in the South. Like pretty far in the deep down, eating grits, drinking sweet tea, saying y'all, Yes Ma'am and No Sir South. We don't do Winter here. It's just sort of a few days here and there of cold. Enough to get a little wear out of our "heavy" coats, but then we can put our short sleeves back on by the end of the same week. The last time it snowed here, was 4 years ago. My nine year old was five.

So, since we don't do Winter...we don't know how to do all! It snowed/iced last week. Our office was closed for 2 days. Our schools were closed 3 days. Stores Closed. Dr's offices Closed. Our kids loved it. Parents had cabin-fever. We ate everything in the pantry. Ran out of milk and toilet paper (bare essentials, I am aware). But, we do know how to have a good time! We had baby wipes (thank goodness). And, we used our Beach Boogie Boards and pool floats for snow sleds.

We had family time. We watched movies. Drank Hot Chocolate. And, then went out for more!

It was all fun and games...LAST WEEK...until someone said it might snow again tonight! Not next year, but T-O-N-I-G-H-T! This Southern Girl has had enough winter-coat wearing days...I'm ready for flip flops, ponytails, and sunshiny days! Punxsutawney Phil can't be right every year, right?!

Thanks so much for your understanding of this really dire situation down here. Please consider bringing on Spring!

Kindest Regards,