Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lightning Bugs, Mosquitos, & Bug Spray

Disclaimer: This isn't going to be a funny post like ALL of my previous ones ;) It is more for documentational reasons. Sorry to those of you who read my blog to get a good laugh at our expense!

TJ has a new hobby...BUGS! He is extremely interested in all bugs, and doesn't discrimiate or pick favorites (exception - mosquitos). At Nana's house he collected a rolly poley, some-sort of flying bug (that Nana killed), and a cute little green inch worm. Lately at home, he has been going out at dusk to collect lightning bugs (aka fireflies, for those of you who aren't from the south). He is pretty good at catching them and will stay out catching them as long as we let him. Nana has a little bug cage that he has brought home which he keeps his bugs in. During all of this bug catching, TJ has developed what looks like chicken pox all over his legs. He has some on his arms and even 2 whelps on his face! Thomas and I seriously thought he might have chicken pox and even took his temperature hoping this would explain TJ's extremely fussiness lately (since he is 4 years old and should be getting out of the whinny, fussy stage, right?). Well, no temperature...just more mosquito bites than I have ever seen per square inch of skin!!! He is scratching constantly and even looks like he is doing the "pee-pee" dance while he rubs his legs together to scratch! So, I bought some bug spray!

So, last night as soon as we got home from Vacation Bible School, he grabbed his bug-barn and ran out the front door to catch yet another 1000 lightning bugs (which I might add seem to escape out of the bug-barn and I find them randomly throughout our house...like in my bed). I was changing clothes so I asked Thomas to run out and spray him down...I didn't mean that literally, but he did just that! When TJ came in I wiped his legs and arms down, but still smelled that bug spray odor even on his face. I asked TJ if Daddy had sprayed his face, just joking about it...well, yes, Daddy did spray his face with bug spray. I am no doctor, but I don't think you are supposed to spray your face with bug spray.

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  1. Never send a man to do a Momma's job! ;-)

    I can sort of see where Thomas was going though. Because, I have to fight the urge to spray the stuff into my hand and then rub it on Coop's face. You know, just a little, for "added protection"!