Thursday, December 10, 2009

Repeat Performance?

Ok, so this Sunday is TJ's big church Christmas program. I'm a little weary of how it's going to turn out since last year's performance was...let's just say...mortifying! Let me start off by saying that our church membership is small, so there are only a few children in the program from toddlers up to like 7th grade. Last year was our first year to attend this church, therefore TJ's first Christmas performance. So, here's how last year's performance went:

First, we have a sweet older gentleman who sits behind us every Sunday during church (for those of you that attend mega-churches, yes, we sit in the same pew every's a small church!). Anyway, he and TJ have struck up a friendship (imagine that). Every Sunday, he makes TJ some kind of boat, plane, or toy with the church program. If one isn't ready by the time we sit in our seats, TJ will turn around and ask him to make something. So, we sit in our seats, get the video camera ready, and I see TJ with a paper boat, actually 2 of them. Immediately I think, "Oh No!" Each younger child is sitting with an older child, and when the music starts they all get up singing and head towards the front. Not TJ, nope, he's still sitting in the pew with his boats, fighting the waves! Someone finally gets his attention, and he, with his boats, slowly make their way up. While he is supposed to be singing, he begins to "fly" both boats throughout the air. Well, this catches the attention of another 3 year old little girl who is supposed to be singing too. Not anymore...she and Thomas begin fighting, center stage, over the boats! I see fists flying, a little girl crying, but TJ...well, he comes out on top...with both boats in hand! You think that's bad...there's more! During the next song, all of the children begin to neal down and sing over "Baby Jesus." Center Stage, TJ is still standing up, not singing, boats flying. Eventually that gets too boring for him, so he neals down to "Baby Jesus" and I think "Finally, he's going to sing and do what he's supposed to." Nope, yet again. He pulls out his boats and starts "floating" them on "Baby Jesus!" Oh yes, he does!!!

Everyone else thought his whole "performance" was hilarious...and I guess now, a year later, it is pretty funny! But, I'm not ready for a repeat performance this year! Wish us luck...Thomas has already had to be called out of Sunday school to fetch TJ out from under the pews while he was supposed to be practicing...NOT looking good!


  1. Hilarious. I would have fallen off the pew laughing. I'm sure it wasn't funny to you, but I know everyone else loved it! Too cute, that boy!

  2. You will tape this Sunday, in case something interesting does take place...It will give me something to watch when I get home. :) Luv ya sis!


  3. I would also like to watch TJ's encore performance on the big stage.

  4. Can't wait to see pictures, or video, of this year's performance! Little boys... gotta love 'em! :-)