Thursday, June 20, 2013

Toes in the Sand (just not Tan's)

We have made it home from our yearly beach venture-cation. This year, we went with KK and Papa, and Nana and Big Guy. So fun, and so nice to have 4 extra sets of hands to help us! We stayed in Perdido Key, FL for the 3rd year, and we absolutely love it there. It is so laid back; not so built up that there is always noise, and things going on everywhere; very family oriented. After the 4.5 hour drive, the kiddos could hardly wait another minute, so we literally threw our bags in the floor in the middle of the condo, put on our swimsuits and headed to the beach.

Then, on to the pool. We were still in the pool when KK and Papa arrived. We decided to get out and head up to get ready for dinner. When all of a sudden I hear a woman scream, "He jumped in!" And, immediately I know, Tristan had jumped in the deep end of the pool. . .with no swimmies, nothing. . .and did I mention, he can't swim?! So, I jumped in with my towel on and thought I might drown from the weight of it before I could save him. Thankfully, he was perfectly fine. . .and even did it one more time the next day for good measure! Nothing like a heart attack within the first hour of vacation!

The first few days we had gorgeous weather, but there was a tropical storm that brought some crazy waves. We had so much fun playing in the sand and ocean. . .well, everyone except Tanner. She absolutely HATED the sand. As soon as she saw the sand on the boardwalk, she would curl her entire body up, pulling herself almost onto your shoulders, and lay her head down and pout. She was so prissy, and despised it touching her hands. That's pretty much how she stayed for the first 2 days!

The boys loved every minute! Most days I had to bring TJ's lunch down to the beach or pool because he wouldn't stop long enough to eat. I love watching my kids at the beach; they just enjoy it so much!

All of the kids enjoyed the pool, and it was really nice to have an indoor pool for the 2 rainy days! One of my favorite things, was watching Tanner's face when she jumped in the pool. She loved every second, but would squint her eyes so tight and open her mouth really wide. . .I tried to tell her that she might be better doing the opposite ;-)

TJ and Papa went parasailing, which I'm still kind of shocked that TJ actually did it! I was pretty anxious watching, and felt much better when he was back on sand! He said it was really calm up there and that they saw a really large shark not long before they were dipped in the water!

We played putt putt one night, and did a little go cart racing (Tristan was the all time champ; one win with Papa, and one with Daddy). Tristan and Tan reminded me of Happy Gilmore with their hockey-like plastic clubs! We ate out several nights for dinner, which is always an adventure with 3 extremely beach worn kiddos!

We took a few family pics, and I think we actually may have gotten a "Christmas Card" shot or two!

We had so much fun, and I already can't wait to go back again next summer!