Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm a little Batty...

most days, but even more this time a year for Halloween! After TJ's meltdown Wednesday night because we didn't have time after church to carve his pumpkin, we promised that Thrusday night would be THE night. Being the "stuff as much as we can into one day" sort of people, we first had to pick up the frozen cookie dough that we sold to raise money for the school...that had to stay frozen...that my bestest husband put into the refrigerator at home (not too much sarcasm here...he really is the bestest); we headed to an early soccer game, which I had to take off from work a little early to make it on time; then we headed home to, if I do say so myself, a wonderfully delicious crock pot of Potato Soup...of course, the whole way home, TJ is complaining that he "might not like the soup...what will happen if he doesn't like the potato soup...what will he eat..." and so on and so on. After Thomas and I enjoyed our bowl(s) of soup (TJ decided he wouldn't eat dinner last night) and fed Tristan, it was Pumpking Carving Time. TJ did not want to stick his hand inside the pumpkin because of the "goop," so Mommy did all of the dirty work (does it make me wierd that I kind of like that part?). We have one of those books with patterns, and TJ picked out a "ghostly bat" pattern for his Daddy to carve. I must say, Thomas has amazing carving abilities! What a fun night...can't wait to see how cute they are all dressed up...well as cute as a Jedi can be...
"Mommy's Little Monster" enthralled by the pumpkin action.

He just HAD to use that knife to cut the top!

"Helping Daddy"

Working Hard sawing the throw-away pieces

After 15 shots of trying to get the camera setting right...I introduce Count Batula...he was happy to join his brother from another mother, Thug.


  1. There is absolutely no way I believe Thomas carved that pumpkin by himself.

  2. Totally I said...with the help of a pumpkin pattern!

  3. Wow. He did a good job. Your boys are just precious and growing up so fast.

  4. What a great pumpkin! We can't carve our pumpkins until Friday/Saturday. It's just too humid and muggy in Houston. I'm so jealous!

    Happy Haunting!

  5. Love your pumpkin! Hope you had a fabulous Halloween!