Friday, September 21, 2012

Refresher Course Needed

Potty training stinks. That's my wise thought for the day. Don't get me wrong, I'm so excited to get one out of diapers!!! And, Tristan is doing absolutely amazing at potty training. . .in school. He's been in underwear all week and has had ZERO accidents. . .at school. They started out in pullups 2 weeks ago, put him on the potty every 10 minutes and now he's potty trained. . .in school.

At home has been a different story. I think the score is something like Potty 2 - Tristan 978, but who's counting?! And, not to mention who has time to sit a child on the potty every 10 minutes. So maybe I haven't been as consistent as Miss Meg, but I do offer candy and cookies for poop!

He knows when he needs to go. . .he asked Saturday afternoon if he could "tee tee in da gass!" So, he went in the grass. . .TWICE. So, I decided (wise Mommy here) that we would just leave his bottoms off in the house and that would help force him to go in the toilet. Shortly after being in the house, he gets put in timeout for who knows what that time. And I walked in the kitchen to see Tanner doing the slip-n-slide! Pee puddle. . .huge. . .and he was just sitting in it so nicely.

Sunday, after church I decided to give the bottom-free thing one more try. Not long after actually using the potty, he comes running up to me and says, "Mommy, come yook! I went tee tee!" I run after him thinking he is going to take me to his potty. . .he turns sharply at the kitchen and stops in front of the refrigerator. "Yook Mommy! I tee tee on da figrata!" He even opened the door and peed on the inside. Yummy, yes I know!

We've also had poop in the underwear, which I do not do. So, I just tossed 'em! But, my favorite of all. . .

One day this week, as soon as we pulled into the garage, Tristan tells me he wants to go "tee tee in da gass" again. So, I oblige being satisfied that he at least told me he needed to go. I help him get prepared, then grab Tanner and run it the house to drop all of our bags in the floor. Literally, that's all the time I was gone. I walked back outside and immediately saw it. He had pooped on the garage floor. Like a dog. I had to hold back from gagging, laughing & yelling at him. Thank goodness Thomas came home a minute or two later, because I just don't think I could've picked that up!

Thank goodness the last 2 days have gone better. He made it all the way to bed time last night with no accidents all day long!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


So, we have started fall, or at least fall-like activities, seeing as it is still 90 something degrees! And with fall, brings football. Southerners LOVE their football whether it be pee wee, high school, or SEC college football! Our family always pulls for Daddy's Wildcats on Friday nights, and win or lose we are in the stands yelling "Go Daddy!"

And if we get a scrape, I swear it bleeds ORANGE & BLUE for our Auburn Tigers on Saturdays!

We are so lucky that at least one of us gets to go to most home Auburn games; but this past Saturday, my overly ambitious, and must be slightly crazy, mom decided she would keep all 3 of our kiddos while we traveled to Atlanta for the AU vs. Clemson game. We went a little early to visit Uncle Buck's new Atlanta bachelor pad. We were given a code, and once we reached the gate we entered the code...and the gate stayed closed. 15 mintues later, we're still sitting at the gate! Finally we scoot in front of another car once they pushed in their code! This should have been a sign...and we should have read it loud and clear. "YOU PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO ATLANTA!"

We made it to the Marta station, with just one turn around in a gas station parking lot; parked right across the street in a parking garage. Made it South Bound 5 stops, switched trains and went West one stop. Pros, yep, we've been here multiple times...we're definitely pros!

We had a blast at the game!

And especially with Papa...he was the life of the party ;-)

We were on the 5th row...
Thomas, KK, and I had a lot of fun posing with Binocular Man! But, in the end, our AU Tigers couldn't pull it out and we went home with our first loss of the season.

The game went down to the final seconds, so getting 75k plus fans out of one place at the same time was rather difficult. To escape the crowd, we exited at the first place we could see, and started our trek to the Marta...inthe WRONG direction! KK had bought new flip flops for us both, and I already had blisters on both feet. I realized we were going the wrong way, so I stopped and asked a police officer how to get to the Marta. She gave us 2 options. So, we went back the way we had came and...wrong decision...stuck! Probably took us 30 minutes to get to the Marta. Once we got there, it was packed. So we decided to take the train one stop the opposite direction and then get on the right train at the next stop. Good idea...and may have been the first (and only) one for the day ;-) The Marta was so, SO crowded. I had armpits in my every direction I turned. Some man was telling me about his sweaty butt...that was ON ME! "Yummy!" was all I could say. Once we finally made it back to our stop, we joyfully exited the Marta and all was looking up. We went to the parking deck, up to level car. L.O.S.T. car. Back down, we walked some more...KK and I stopped to put bandaids on our blisters...and walked some more. We were laughing and having a good time, but I was beginning to think I may never get out of Atlanta! Three more parking decks and an hour later, there she was, the best looking car I'd ever seen!

And no, it's not over! We went back to Uncle Buck's to pick up Mike...and stuck at the gate again! Oh, how Atlanta makes me love my small town!