Thursday, October 8, 2009

Short Stories

Disclaimer: These are second hand stories, so all things written may not have happened EXACTLY as I write them, but they were too funny not to share and you'll get the general picture!

TJ's KK teaches 1st grade at his school and helps us out GREATLY by taking him home from school with her every afternoon. She has had 3 of her own Hill-boys to raise, therefore is aware of the trouble she has gotten herself into by agreeing to take TJ on. Yesterday, KK and TJ were getting prepared to leave the school. Being the wild child that he is, TJ was running around, lifting KK's shirt up and blowing on her belly. Well, as he is leaving, there is Mrs. Blackstone, principal of the elementary in all of her adminstrative glory...and what does TJ do you ask? Well, he rushes to Mrs. Blackstone, throws her shirt up and BLOWS on her stomach...YES, he BLOWS on her stomach! Mrs. Blackstone was a trooper however and took it all in stride...THANKFULLY not too horrified! She just told him "I'm going to remind you that you did that in a few years when you are a teenager!" TJ has no idea yet, but that will be TORTURE!

Another short story:
On Wednesdays, TJ goes to church with his KK and Papa to eat dinner and then to KIDS. During dinner, an older gentlemen, who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent, had come over to their table to talk. TJ looked up at him and said "You don't look good. Your face is all wrinkly."

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