Thursday, July 23, 2009

Those Fighting White Blood Cells

A few weeks back TJ had a fever and felt pretty bad for several days, so we took him to the Doctor. Of course, $30 later, he just has a virus that "will have to run it's course." But, while at the Dr.'s office, he had to have his finger pricked for them to check his white blood cell count. Apparently afterwards, the nurse explained that she was sorry she had to do it, but needed to make sure the WBC's were doing their job to fight the virus.

Fast forward about a month to last night, and let me remind you my child has the memory of an elephant and constantly surprises us with the things he remembers. Thomas is in full summer football swing and only has Wednesdays and Friday nights off, so he usually gets cooking duty at least one of those nights. Last night he decided to grill hamburgers. And, since I was feeling lazy, I decided the sides would be chips (that we already had) and strawberries (that we already had). So, during dinner, TJ first goes straight for the chips. A few chips later, I inform him that he is to eat no more chips until he has finished at least 1/2 of his hamburger. Which surprisingly, he does without a fight! After he finished 1/2 he says he's full. I tell him that he must eat several strawberries before he can be finished. He eats a few, then starts eating chips again to which I comment "I thought you were full?" He then informs me "chips help his white blood cells fight bad things." Who would've known that? Apparently, he does. He also decides to try the strawberries again for their fighting power and comes over to me and says "Mommy, feel my white blood cells...they're really fighting hard!"


  1. That's too funny... and smart!

  2. Ashlee-
    That is so funny. He is to cute:) I love your blog. I think might just have to start one about my fam to. I feel like I know a little about TJ reading his cute stories. Boys will be boys! Candice Eddins Swiger

  3. That's way too cute!!! He is a smart little feller. Chips do me good too! ;)

  4. That boy is too smart! But, he is right ya know. Chips do a body good!