Monday, December 14, 2009

Whew! That was better!

Well, the Children Worship the Christ Child program was last night. The kids have been practicing every Wednesday night and Sunday before Sunday school starts. This year's program was much anticipated by all, especially us (see post below)! The organizer of the program wanted to have a short practice session right after church let out yesterday, just so the kids could find their spots, and know where to go. Man...that was pure CHAOS! There are only about 5 kids that are TJ's age, and they were scheduled to perform first. First I see "Baby Jesus" again, placed right in front of the I think "here we go again!" So during the practice, we had one little girl standing off to the side of the stage, crying; one little boy (who shall remain nameless because his mom might pass out) had his pants unbuttoned and was zipping his zipper up and down, up and down, over, and over, and over...absolutely HILARIOUS!!! TJ was singing, with a little umpaloompa up and down dancing action. And one little girl was picking out pieces of hay out of "Baby Jesus'" bed and putting it in her mouth. Seriously, I know this is a church program and all, but I was thinking "Maybe we should just skip tonight!" And believe me, I wasn't the only one! You could hear the threats all around...nice Christmasy threats!

All of the children were supposed to get there around 4:15 for a little extra "cram session" right before the program. It's 5pm, and the program starts...first up, TJ's preschool group! They all made it up on stage, without tripping, falling, pushing, etc...first step, success! The music starts, still no crying...second step, success! The singing begins, and TJ is about the only one you actually can hear singing...and he knows the words! He looks over at Thomas and I while in mid-song, then holds up his thumb and gives us a wink...just to say "I got this guys, no need to worry!" It was too cute! They finish up their 3 songs and make it off stage with no hiccups...WHEW, that was better!

Next up, Tuesday night's school Christmas program...guaranteed giggles!


  1. Sweet boy. I'm sure he was precious!

  2. Too funny. I am sure at this point, you are not surprised. His little personallity reminds me of D's little brother Jon Teal. At y'alls church one night for the wednesday dinner, Jon Teal at age eight speaks up to say the prayer. The family had no idea and were all stunned when he spits out this heart felt prayer-not the sing songy kind you learn in school. He was full of it then-and still is! Sounds like you have several more years of fun TJ moments ahead of ya!