Monday, August 31, 2009

A Lesson on Repentance

Ok, so I think it may be time to set up a one on one appoitment with Dr. Tom Tucker, our minister at First Baptist West Point! Maybe two appointment times, one for TJ and one for Thomas and I! I also think that I need to applaud TJ's Sunday school teacher for the marvelous job she has done teaching TJ lessons from the Bible, and some how gotten him to remember what he learned and use it against his parents! Let me back up and start off by telling what happened Saturday morning...TJ was playing around with Thomas and I and I forget what he was into or doing at that particular moment that he shouldn't have been (since it happens more times than I can count during a particular day), but I asked TJ to stop doing whatever it was he was doing. He, of course who has listening problems, didn't stop the first time, so I said, "I'm going to ask you one more time to stop." At which he shouted "NO, I won't!" So, Thomas picked him up and took him to his favorite spot in the house...TIME OUT! After his 4 minutes were up, Thomas went back over to ask TJ why he had been put in time out.

Thomas: "Do you know why you are in time out?"

TJ: "Because I yelled at Mommy and told her no..."

Thomas: "That's right. God doesn't like for you to act ugly to your parents, you need to tell Mommy you are sorry."

TJ: "Daddy, Did Jesus die?"

Thomas: "Yes he did, but he came back to life."

TJ: "Well...all my sins are washed away."

What do you say to that!!! Hence the much needed appointment with Dr. Tom to discuss said event, and how they also need to teach REPENTANCE in Sunday school...even to 4 year olds 'cause they obviously get it!


  1. Girl! That kid is sooo smart!!

  2. You just can't argue with logic like that! How did these kiddos of ours all get so smart?!

  3. He's so smart. Man, he knows just what to say at the right time!!