Friday, July 11, 2014

Dear Show-and-Tell:

Oh, my dear show-and-tell. It's that day of the week again...Friday! Yay for Fridays! Except this morning, while still snuggled warmly in my bed and completely zonked out, I faintly hear the sounds of my toddlers running through the house. Usually this sound is followed by them barreling through my bedroom door, proudly announcing at the top of their lungs, "Supwise! We awake!" Not this morning though. Oh no. This morning, I was snapped out of my cozy slumber by the sound of my garage deadbolt being unlocked, and quickly followed by the electric noises of my garage door being raised! When we asked why they being 4 and 2 years old, were going outside, immediately after waking up, Tristan replied..."I had to get my dump twuck for show-n-tell, Daddy! And, put watta on it 'cause it's dirwty!"

On Fridays, this child is fully dressed, fed, teeth brushed with shoes on his feet before I can get out of the shower! Tristan is strong-willed, let's just be honest, and wants everything to go his way and the way he sees it should. So, when he realized that his truck was dirty this morning, and he had been planning since yesterday to take his dump truck for show-and-tell, he had to get it clean! He spent about 20 minutes cleaning his truck...sprawling napkins from one end of my garage to the other.

Then, my dearest show-and-tell, thank heavens I only have a 20 minute drive to daycare because my child gave me a headache worrying me constantly, then entire way, about his dirty truck!
Tristan: "Mommy...My twuck is still weally dirwty!"
Me: "I think it will be ok. It's really not that bad."
Tristan: "Yes it is. I'm not going to take it to show-and-tell. I want something else."
Me: "We're already on our way. Search the car for something else then."
Tristan: "I don't want to take something else. I want to take my twuck."
Me: "Well, take your truck then."
Tristan: "But, it's too diwrty!"
Me: "Then, don't take anything."

Finally a break to take a breath.

Tristan: "Mommy...Miss C won't like my diwrty twuck in her class."
Me: "Tristan, I really think it will be ok."
Tristan: "Well, if Miss L comes to get me, she won't let me have my diwrty twuck!"
Me: "It will be fine. It's not that dirty!"

Seriously...I can keep going. This went on for the entire 20 minute drive!

No need to torture anyone further so I'll fast forward to: upon arriving at school, I found an already used napkin in Tanner's carseat cupholder, and did a little Mommy-magic! I "cleaned" that sucker up!

He looks stoked, huh?! And, Sissy photobombing in the background, is just ticked that she isn't old enough to have show-and-tell yet..she actually looks pretty creepy..

I was picturing my Friday beginning with a skipping frolic into the office...thanks for the reality check show-and-tell!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

To the Younger Me:

Life happens...too quickly. When I look into those big, gorgeous blue eyes of my sweet little girl I often think about all the things I wish I known (who listened to their Mother when she tried to tell you), or wish I could go back to tell the younger me. Nothing profound or life altering, but little pieces of the whole puzzle.

To the high school me:
Enjoy learning who you are and what makes you's a process that I'm still trying to figure out now in my 30's, so best to start out early being yourself. It's easy to say, but don't worry what others may think of you. Everyone feels akward in high school, whether they admit it or not. No need to have a boyfriend in high school; one day you'll realize your time would have been better spent with friends. Shhh, don't tell her, but your Mother was right...a lot! And OMG, you are NOT any definition of the word!

To the college me:
The old saying "this is the best time of your life" is so true about the college years! Don't be so's really ok to have an opinion. Always take a girl friend with you when you go out...especially your best friend, 'cause she's always got your back! Don't waste your time on guys that aren't right for you, because you will meet the perfect MAN who is right soon enough. And, one day you'll wish you were as "fat" as you were in college!

To the First-time Mom me:
That sleep deprivation won't kill you...even if it feels you can't go on another second. One child is a piece of cake. A few years down the road, you could manage one with both arms tied behind your back and a blindfold on! A little dirt will never hurt. Don't worry with what EVERYONE has to say about what you should and shouldn't do, how they did or didn't do things like you, etc. You aren't the perfect mother now, nor will you ever be...and that's ok. There is such a thing as "Mother's Instinct" it. You never thought you could love another human being like you love this one, but just wait for #2 & #3! Speaking of love, you and your husband still need time alone. Take it and enjoy it!

To the Mom of three me:
As I'm still fighting my way through this phase I have learned a few things:
It's ok that you're house isn't perfectly neat and tidy...because 2 minutes after you finish vacuuming and have moved onto the next chore, one of your 3 will spill their milk or drop fruit loops all over the floor. Take time for yourself...just do it! Don't compare yourself to other Moms, your kids don't! It's ok to put off the dishes to play Jenga with your toddlers, or Wii with your oldest. They won't remember how clean your kitchen was, but they will remember time you spent with them. Mom-Guilt is hard when you work full-time, but try to relish the time you do have and spend it making memories. And that body that is more round and soft, covered in stretch to be healthy, then accept it and move on!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

May I Introduce: Princess Tanna-Bug Cry Baby

Tanner Emilee
Baby Girl
Sweet Girl
Big Girl
Cry Baby

I'm not sure how Tanner has come to have so many nicknames, or how she has been able to learn her real name by being called so many different things!

When you ask her "What's your name?" I love that she ALWAYS responds, "I Tanna-Bug."

Also, lately she has become quite fond of "Princess." And, who wouldn't be?! Her Daddy calls her a princess. Often, her brothers fight to save her, as their Princess. Last week when we were getting ready for church, Tristan saw Tanner in her dress and he said, "Oh Tanna, you look like a pwincess!"
Later in the day, she was standing in a chair, not listening to my request that she sit down. I walked over to her, and demanded her to sit. She slowly turned around to me, with a defiant look in her eye, and said, "But Mommy, I a pwincess!"

I think Tanner is already aware of the benefits of being the youngest and takes joy in knowing and saying that she is still our Baby. She likes to be a "Big Guwl" when it suits the situation too...she isn't fooled by having to choose between a baby or a big girl just yet! While one minute Tristan is calling her a "pwincess," the next minute, he's been known to call her some other name...Cry Baby! Oh the joys of learning new things at school! On the way home the other day, Tanner informed me that she was a baby. I said, "Are you Momma's Baby?" And with a huge grin she said, "No Momma, I a cwy baby!"

She sure couldn't be more proud to be Pwincess Tanna-Bug Cwy Baby!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Letter to Mother Earth

Dearest Mother Earth,

Um, we live in the South. Like pretty far in the deep down, eating grits, drinking sweet tea, saying y'all, Yes Ma'am and No Sir South. We don't do Winter here. It's just sort of a few days here and there of cold. Enough to get a little wear out of our "heavy" coats, but then we can put our short sleeves back on by the end of the same week. The last time it snowed here, was 4 years ago. My nine year old was five.

So, since we don't do Winter...we don't know how to do all! It snowed/iced last week. Our office was closed for 2 days. Our schools were closed 3 days. Stores Closed. Dr's offices Closed. Our kids loved it. Parents had cabin-fever. We ate everything in the pantry. Ran out of milk and toilet paper (bare essentials, I am aware). But, we do know how to have a good time! We had baby wipes (thank goodness). And, we used our Beach Boogie Boards and pool floats for snow sleds.

We had family time. We watched movies. Drank Hot Chocolate. And, then went out for more!

It was all fun and games...LAST WEEK...until someone said it might snow again tonight! Not next year, but T-O-N-I-G-H-T! This Southern Girl has had enough winter-coat wearing days...I'm ready for flip flops, ponytails, and sunshiny days! Punxsutawney Phil can't be right every year, right?!

Thanks so much for your understanding of this really dire situation down here. Please consider bringing on Spring!

Kindest Regards,


Friday, January 24, 2014

Back in the Saddle...Again

I've missed a few months...sort of lost my writing Mojo there for a while. I love Fall, but it kind of throws me for a loop...every single year. But, my babies are growing up and way too fast. They say and do the funniest things, and this is my way of keeping up with the memories, or one day it will be proof to my kiddos of why I went crazy...the jury is still out!

We've had an Anniversary Trip (stuff that axe-murder/horror movies are made from...another story for another day), Thanksgivings, Christmases, and plenty of fun in between, but I feel like sharing the sweet details that define who these little time-stealing, snotty kissing, sticky finger hugging, precious kiddos of mine truly are on this day, at this moment in time.

This guy, whew...if those piercing through my heart, big blue eyes don't get me, that sweet soul sure will! Thomas always knows just the right thing to say to make me feel like the world is not such a harsh place, and that I actually might be doing something right in the parenting world (more likely to be Divine intervention). Last night, I gave him a hug and told him I loved him. And his response was, "Mom, you always smell like perfection. Do you know that you're so beautiful? Because, you are!" I mean...SWOON! I'm not sure I'm ever going to let this little fella fall in love with anyone other than me ;-)

Over Thanksgiving we were visiting my Mom. There were several new family members that came over for Thanksgiving dinner, and we were chatting around. Thomas has always been able to carry on a conversation and hold his own in adult settings. They were asking him questions about everything from school to sports to eventually girlfriends, and at the end he said, "There's probably something you don't know about me, but...I'm known as a lover!" I don't think I've ever thought something was so embarrassing and hilarious all at the same time!

My little Mayhem. Our lives would be so boring without this little spark-plug! Those dimples, those forever long eyelashes that would make any woman jealous, those perfectly smooshy lips, and that lovely (make me wonder what I ever did wrong as a child) stubborn, strong-willed temperament! This kid is going to be something amazing...he will make it happen...his way, or die trying! He is relentless in his mission, finding ways around obstacles (Mommy, Daddy, Sissy, Brother, Timeout, Teacher, etc.) to make his desires a reality. He is very passionate about all things, big and small. He loves his Momma, watching movies, dressing up in costumes (every day), grilled cheese sandwiches, playing with his brother & sister, and being outside. He's a leader, that's for certain.

Over Christmas, we were playing Yatzee with my Mom, brother and Grandparents while the little kids played with their new toys. I can't remember what was going on, but Tristan was once again needing a timeout break. I yelled at him to come to me. He walked over, and when I looked down at him, his hands were clasped and eyes were closed tightly and he began, "God, our Father. God, our Father..." He was praying (but with a sly smirk on his face)! I turned back towards the table so he wouldn't see me smiling, and the entire table was hysterically laughing. I shot them all a look of disapproval, and turned back around. Immediately, his smile faded and he closed his eyes tightly, re-clasped his hands and began reciting his prayer again..."God, our Father. God, our Father..." I was done for...and could no longer contain my smile and laughter. I mean, really...he's only 3!

Everyone keeps telling me that he will be something special, and I know it to be true...if I can just make it until then ;-)

This Princess, with her baby blues, cherub cheeks, and rosy kissable lips is the cherry on top of our Sundae. She's sweet, with a little sass. Prissy with a little dirt under her nails. Most days, she eats more than the boys...finishing their breakfast plates if there's anything left. She thinks those boys hung the moon, and if they could, they would wrap it up and put it in her little hands. She wants to be just like them, and gets really upset if they say she "can't!" She wrestles, sword fights, dresses up as Spider-Man, with a baby doll in one hand and a bracelet on the other (Multi-tasking already). She loves sitting on the counter to help me cook or put on my makeup. But, she's her Daddy's girl. She doesn't have him wrapped around her pinky finger, she has both hands tied tightly behind his back! And, I love that she refers to herself as "Tanna-Bug!"

On the way home from a trip to Nana's, Tristan had to go potty. We were in the middle of nowhere, so we stopped on the side of the road. All the boys exited, and Tan and I were left in the car. Her eyes immediately started to well up with tears, and she started screaming for them to take her too. I told her that the boys had to go potty, and they were going to be right back. She started patting her chest, and sobbing she would say, "Me potty potty too!" It was pitiful, sweet, and cute all at the same time. How dare those boys leave her out?! And the other day, I asked Thomas to get the kids dressed back in their church clothes. Tanner had just gotten up from a nap and was sleepily disagreeing with my request, and I could hear her grunting from the other room. Thomas responded, "Tan disagrees!" I then asked, "Well, who is the boss?" He paused, and responded..."Wellll....." Shesh...never mind...I already know the answer to that one!

These kiddos make up our days; filling them with giggles and fights, group hugs and plenty of time-outs. At the end of each day, I look over at Thomas and just say..."They make me tired!" And, it's the honest truth...but they teach me so much more about really living life, than I could ever imagine teaching them!