Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To Wii, or Not to Wii...

that is the question I have been asking myself since Christmas!

Mrs. Claus thought it would be a good idea to get TJ a Wii for Christmas this year..."something fun that we can all do together" she thought. She spent time convincing Santa that this would be the perfect gift...no, he had not asked for it, but she just knew he would love it! Finally, Santa was on board and he drove to Best Buy to pick up all of the necessities that you MUST have in order to play the Wii.

Fast forward to Christmas morning...Thomas is so excited he is up and getting pumped up on caffine while TJ and I are still trying to get our beauty sleep. Well, I finally decided I would get up because I just knew Thomas was going to wake up TJ since he is not-so-quietly hanging out in the living room just waiting. So, Thomas and I sit and wait...wait...and wait a little longer. Finally, about 8:30 we hear TJ rustling around in his bed and both of us run in there to make sure he is up! Once we remind him that Santa has come to the house, he is ready to go! We all make our way back into the living room together. Thomas and I show TJ where his gifts from Santa are and his first response is: "Santa didn't bring me much presents!" Yes, I know, need to continue with the teaching of gratefulness and thankfulness...still working on that! So, he begins to open his "meager" pile of gifts from Santa and Mom & Dad. This should show you how excited he was about the Wii and all of it's accessories that Santa spent his hard earned dough on...

Fast forward about a week after Christmas...


is all...

I see!

As you see above, it is irresistable to every man...regardless of age! His Papa came over one Sunday...they played for 5...yes, FIVE hours! I am very happy that Mrs. Claus was right, because she always likes to be right, but I didn't plan on her being this good! The Wii enforcer I have now become.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spoiled in the Snow

TJ has really been spoiled over the past 2 years, and is now under the impression that we get this kind of snow every year! Alabama, especially central and south Alabama do not see snow like this but once every 5 years or so...and, it's usually during spring break! Come on with your global warming Al Gore...bring it!

Love these faces...anyone else see little horns poking out from the hat?

Daddy & his snow man

Only picture with me in it...ALL others have been deleted to protect my self image ;)

Guess where that snow ball went...


Love this one!

We had fun playing in the snow, are now glad it's gone, and hoping Spring comes soon!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Our family is truly blessed to have the best family, friends, and co-workers! They are always amazing me with how much they care for us. Friday, was a teacher in-service day at Springwood. The teachers had secretly been planning a little baby shower for Thomas. Little did most of them know, there are a few blabber mouths within their midst and the secret got out to Thomas. Well, Friday it snowed, and pretty heavy for around here. Thomas had a baseball meeting he had to attend in Auburn, and so his mom called me to see if I could come to the shower because she didn't think Thomas would make it back. Well, his meeting got cancelled, of course after he had driven all the way to Auburn, so he made it back in time. Because of all of the snow, we both ended up getting off of work early. When I arrived home, Thomas said he had something to show me...

Thomas had been trying to keep his "secret" shower a secret from me, which I knew about because his mom had called me! However, Thomas and I both were so surprised by all of the gifts we recieved from the not-so-secret shower! How blessed we truly are!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I've probably mentioned a time or two that TJ is a very talkative child...well, that is unless I ask him about what he did at school that day (see post below). He tends to get chattier as he grows sleepier, so maybe that has been his problem the last couple of nights. But, he has literally talked my ear off! Thomas and I take turns reading him a book and tucking him into bed each night. Tuesday night was my night, so he chose to read Hanzel & Gretel, during which he was actually quiet. As soon as I shut the book closed he started up again. Finally I just cut him off and said, "it's time for bed, you need to stop talking." He whispered, "But Mom, I just have to tell you one more thing." So, of course, being a semi-push over, I agreed to let him say one more thing.

TJ: "Mom, do you remember in the dinosaur movie (Jurassic Park...and yes, I let him watch Jurassic Park...he loves it, just get over it, I know he's 5!) when the T-rex saves those people from the velociraptors?"

Me: "Yes" (That was a random thought...)

TJ: "Well, do you know what I would do if a T-rex saved me from velociraptors?"

Me: "No, what?"

TJ: "I'd write him a thank you card!"

Me: (Giggling uncontrollably...in other words, laughing loudly, but trying to hold it in) "Well, isn't that nice."

TJ: "What do you think the T-rex would do when he got my thank you card?"

Me: (I don't know...eat you?) "He would probably give you a big, slobbery kiss."

Monday, February 8, 2010

Memory Loss...What Age is too Young?

Should I be worried that my 5 year old already suffers from memory loss? Thomas swears that he has never been able to remember the small stuff, and I always just shook it off as a "man excuse"...for those of you who don't know, that is a real phenomenon! Most every night (I like to think so at least) I cook dinner, and we all sit down at the table together. After we dig in, I start the usual conversation of "What did you do at school today?" To which TJ's answer is usually "umm....ummm....ummmmm, I don't remember." This continues for a minute or so, until I get tired of hearing "umm." Then, I turn to the direct line of questioning.

Me: "What letter did you learn about today?"

TJ: "Ummm...P."

Me: "What sound does 'p' make?"

TJ: "pa pa pa."

Me: "Did you go to PE today?"

TJ: "Yeah, but we didn't get to outside...it was still wet!"

Me: (No kidding, really, I couldn't tell!)

Well, I guess that was a little better...but, day after day of pulling teeth to get out of him what he does each day is mind numbing and obviously he thinks the same. Last week on the way home, and I had not even mentioned school, he says

TJ: "Mom, I really want a photo-camera."

Me: "A photo-camera. Ok, maybe the Easter Bunny will bring you a little camera."

TJ: "But Mom, I need one now. And not for pictures...for movies."

Me: "Ok, why do you need one now?"

TJ: "So I can photo (video) myself at school to show you what I do every day...that way you don't ask me EVERY day!"

Lack of "memory brain cells"... I don't think so!