Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Most Wonderful 5 Years

Saturday was our 5 year anniversary. We decided that instead of getting gifts this year, we would take a small trip...a getaway before more craziness begins! So, we decided since it is still football season and Thomas has to work really late on Friday nights, that we would just go to Atlanta on Saturday morning and come home on Monday morning. We stayed downtown at the Atlanta Marriot Marquis. It was a really nice hotel...and HUGE! On Saturday we drove straight to the Aquarium. We have never been and have been dying to check it out.

It was really neat and I can't wait to take TJ back! Then, we walked over to the World of Coke. It was really cool to see all of the machines that it takes to make a bottle of Coke. We could also taste over 60 coca cola drinks from all around the world. WARNING: France has nasty coke products! But, most of the others we tried were pretty good! But, my favorite thing was getting our picture made with the Coca Cola Polar Bear...he was so cute!

Sunday we mainly hung out around the hotel, swam in the indoor pool, worked out in the gym and ate dinner in the hotel's sports bar. It was a great little getaway and much needed during football season!!! I am so incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful husband. He is my best friend and I am thankful for every moment we shared together over the past 5 years! I love you Honey...48 more to go!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The 2nd Time Around

Well, I do have to say the 2nd time around the pregnancy circle happens much sooner than the 1st. My belly officially looks like I have a "bump" and have had numerous, sweet people that want to make me cry mention it a time or two...or actually touch it! But I have to remember, as Thomas says, "You're pregnant, I would worry if you weren't starting to get a belly!" So, I'll just post the below for your enjoyment...

This week is Homecoming week at Springwood. They have just come off of a HUGE win this past Friday which put them in the spot to host the 1st round of the playoff's at home. So, each day this week, the teachers and students are encouraged to participate in the dress up days. Today is "Hero" day. So, Thomas decided to dress up as, we'll call him Coach S. to somewhat protect the innocent, who is the new head football coach at Springwood. In order to look the part, Thomas stuffed his collared Springwood shirt with a pillow since Coach S. has a slightly big belly. So, I sleepily enter the kitchen to perform my morning Mommy duties. After breakfast, TJ walks over to me and sweetly touches my belly and kisses it. When he looks up at me, I think he is going to say something just as sweet, but instead...

TJ: "Mommy, your belly is as big as Coach S.'s belly!"

Ok, so Coach S. is a very nice man, and I have nothing against him...but SERIOUSLY...he would still have me beat in my 9th month!

Me: (Still standing there, my mouth agape, trying not to tear up)

Thomas: "Don't say things like that to Mommy, it could hurt her feelings!"

TJ: (He listens to his Daddy, then comes back over to me) "Mommy, you look pretty...does that make your day?"

TJ is already learning the art of how to make up for sticking his foot in his mouth...good thing to pick up being that he will one day be a MAN!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

And the Streak Continues...

Today we had our 16 week Dr.'s appointment and ultrasound. TJ and Thomas left school early to come with me to the Doctor. We all piled into the ultrasound room and anxiously awaited to hear everything was healthy and looking good. The technician took what seemed like a million pictures and measurements first. Then, as with Thomas, this little one did not want to cooperate. She tried to get it moving and finally got her wish! Just then she announced what we had all expected...the Hill boy streak continues! A perfectly healthy, sweet Baby Boy! Due April 5th!

Other than TJ's first words being "I wanted a sister!," we are so excited and blessed beyond measure. Continuing to pray that everything goes smoothly over the next 5 months. Thanks to all for your continued love, support, and prayers. You all mean the world to us!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Short Stories

Disclaimer: These are second hand stories, so all things written may not have happened EXACTLY as I write them, but they were too funny not to share and you'll get the general picture!

TJ's KK teaches 1st grade at his school and helps us out GREATLY by taking him home from school with her every afternoon. She has had 3 of her own Hill-boys to raise, therefore is aware of the trouble she has gotten herself into by agreeing to take TJ on. Yesterday, KK and TJ were getting prepared to leave the school. Being the wild child that he is, TJ was running around, lifting KK's shirt up and blowing on her belly. Well, as he is leaving, there is Mrs. Blackstone, principal of the elementary in all of her adminstrative glory...and what does TJ do you ask? Well, he rushes to Mrs. Blackstone, throws her shirt up and BLOWS on her stomach...YES, he BLOWS on her stomach! Mrs. Blackstone was a trooper however and took it all in stride...THANKFULLY not too horrified! She just told him "I'm going to remind you that you did that in a few years when you are a teenager!" TJ has no idea yet, but that will be TORTURE!

Another short story:
On Wednesdays, TJ goes to church with his KK and Papa to eat dinner and then to KIDS. During dinner, an older gentlemen, who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent, had come over to their table to talk. TJ looked up at him and said "You don't look good. Your face is all wrinkly."