Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Anatomy 101

Are you a college kid struggling to keep up in your Anatomy class? Well, just come on over to the Hill house and study with us! Most days, I feel like I'm one of those people on the Discovery channel, walking around with only the goods covered (if you're lucky), while people stare at me. Except for these people are in my own house...I am not sheltered from the humiliation by a television screen! I cannot seem to go to the restroom, take a shower, get dressed, or heck, brush my teeth without little peeping Tom's peering around a corner or grabbing at my legs.

I feel like a cow most days. Not that ever feeling like a cow is a good thing, but I guess I mean that in the best possible way. I am still feeding Tanner, and since starting back to work, I have to use an electric breast pump. At home, anytime Tristan hears me tell his Dad that I need to pump, he runs as fast as his little legs will go to the bathroom, asks me to "cose" the potty, pulls himself up on the lid and sits eagerly awaiting me to turn it on. Once I turn on the pump and the methodical rhythm starts sounding, Tristan grins and begins bouncing up and down saying "dance, dance, dance!" Wow, a breast pump/radio...how cool is that?!

Since bringing Tanner home from the hospital, we've had several "teaching" moments. The first diaper change TJ watched, he was curious, so he asked "Where's her peepee...I see her balls...but, where's her peepee?" Balls?! Who wants to explain that one?!

And certainly not the last that I could share, or the least, here are a few videos for your enjoyment. I wanted to remember how Tristan sounds so sweetly and the cute way he says words, so I recorded him naming body parts:

After my video, TJ wanted to do the recording and ask Tristan to name his body parts. See if you can catch the difference in what I asked vs. what TJ asked! And I just love how excited Tristan gets at the answer ;) I guess I should've waited until he was out of the bath tub!

Hysterical. You're welcome.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Happenings

Well, Christmas season is in full swing, and we are bustling around like the crazy people we are!

We've had school Christmas programs (don't look so excited TJ!):

We've had church Christmas programs with hilarious pictures to show:

We've had class Christmas parties with good, quality ,Santas:

We've had lots of fun at the Merry-go-Round:

And, most importantly, we've been blessed to spend it with each other:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"I key eww!"

Disciphering a 20 month old's speech is like playing that game where you read the card of words that don't make sense together, but when read out loud and quickly, sound like a phrase that makes perfect sense. I'm only going on a few hours of sleep today, so I can't remember the name of that game right this second...maybe it will come to be by the end of this post?! But, Tristan is really talking now. Sometimes I think he is just talking to hear himself (sounds like another Hill-boy I know)! Most of the time, I know what he is trying to say or what he wants. But, I'm hoping I disciphered wrong the other night! I was giving him a bath, when he looked at me with this (kind of) creepy grin, shot his little arm towards me, and said "I key eww. I key eww. I key eww." Say it out loud to yourself...did you come up with the same thing I did? I totally think he was saying "I kill you!" Look at this sweet face:
It doesn't say, "I'll kill my mommy," right???

Come to think of it, he does try to get me to leave his baby sister in the car when I get home. The other day, I took him into the house first, and when I turned around to head back to get Tanner out of the car, Tristan closed the garage door, stood in front to guard the exit, and said "No Sissy!"

Being the oldest sibling, I always thought the "middle child syndrome" was just a made up thing for needy middle children (sorry to middle children that I'm offending right now)to get more attention, but I'm beginning to think that maybe it's a real syndrome!

Oh, I got it! The name of that game is Mad Gab! Knew it would come to me. Well, I lied. It didn't exactly come to me...I googled it! I'm tired. Forgive me.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Halloween in December

You've surely heard of Christmas in July, so what's not to love about a little Halloween in December?! Still playing catch up, but don't want to miss posting about the cute costumes.

TJ decided to be a vampire this year:

Tristan loves Elmo, so we went with it:

I tried for a few days to get him to try on his Elmo suit, but he didn't understand he was supposed to wear Elmo. He just carried it around like his other Elmo. Once the Trick-or-Treating started, he realized that he got to have lots of candy if he wore Elmo. As I've mentioned before, Tristan loves to eat...and just discovered that he is a choco-holic! I think we've found his new favorite holiday!

Tanner was some sort of cat...not sure if it is supposed to be a leopard or cheetah, but I don't think either are grey in color?!

Happy Haunting!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Catching Up...

Well, Miss Tanner is here...and I'm playing catch up! I think this is going to become a permanent state for me! My house needs a catch up cleaning day; I started back to work this Monday...and am definitely playing catch up; my social life (not that there has been much of that anyway) needs some girl-time catch up; and my husband and I pass each other running from one end of the house to the other and we could most certainly use the catch up time! But, we wouldn't trade this time in our lives for anything...as we already realize that it is flying by way too fast. Our little girl is already 6 weeks old and I am just now getting around to blogging about her for the first time! So without further a do, here she is...our little Princess:
I decided to start my maternity leave on Friday, the 14th to get everything in order (you would think I might have already been prepared since she was so late already...nope). I started feeling random contractions throughout the day, but nothing regular. I even went to the first half of Thomas' football game. I started getting uncomfortable at the game and noticed the contractions starting to become regular, so I headed home, hoping they wouldn't progress before Thomas finished his game. He called immediately after, and I told him he needed to head home! So, after being 8, E.I.G.H.T., days late, I figured she would make her big appearance quickly...not so much. After 14 hours of labor...all night long, no drugs, no sleep she finally showed up! Tanner Emilee was born at 10:08 am on 10/15. She weighed 8 lbs 2 oz and was 20" long. And all was forgiven and forgotten (well, not totally forgotten)! The first thing the doctor said was "Big Girl!" She immediately ate for 45 minutes straight!

Here are a few more pictures taken by Jessica Mitchell Photography of Tanner at 5 days old.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Check List

40 Weeks (past). Check.
Nursery ready. Check.
Tristan settled in new bed. Check.
Clothes washed. Check.
Hospital bag packed. Check.
Thomas' biggest game of the year played. Check.
Work in order for maternity leave. Check.
House clean (never gonna happen anyway, so...) Check.
Grocery shopping done for week. Check.
Laundry done...for the moment. Check.
Not sleeping. Check.
Emotionally exhausted. Check.
Eaten spicy foods. Check.
Ridden over speed bumps. Check.
Taken long walks. Check.

Either this little lady is extremely stubborn (like we need any more stubbornness in our family), or she is really laid back. Thomas says she is already acting like a woman by showing up late! Not sure what the hold up is...but I'm pretty sure it's not on my end...I've already cried twice today so I think my hormones are doing their job! To be honest, I'd be scared to come home to our house, with these boys...but they really are sweet and relatively harmless...I promise! I've been told the full moon is Tuesday night, so maybe that'll work?!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Who said boys don't do pink?

Thomas and his team had a pep-rally yesterday for their game against Chambers. During the player's introductions, Coach Sikes asked if Thomas would come down and introduce some of them as well. When he came down to the microphone, all of the players followed with a sea of PINK gifts! I wish I could've been there to see his face...Thomas was so surprised. What a thoughtful and dare I say, sweet, group of guys! We are so blessed to be a part of the Springwood Family!

We already had the cute face in the back...he didn't come in pink ;-)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Procrastination...with a capital "P."

Or, maybe the 37th week (considered full-term) pregnancy has just slipped up on me! Maybe I'm still in denial that in 3 weeks from today, or less, we will have THREE children...and they're all mine! But, I'm not ready...well, let me rephrase that...I am ready, but nothing else is ready for Tanner's arrival! I have managed to wash enough clothes for her to make it about 1 week at home. I have washed the sheets for her bed...but, that's it! When I was pregnant with Tristan, I felt like he was waiting to make his appearance until I was finished getting everything prepared. Well, if Tanner holds out for the same reasons, I could possibly be in the Guiness Book of World Records for the longest pregnancy EVER! We still haven't moved Tristan out of the baby bed...yes, I know, this could prove to be difficult...and yes, I know, we should've done this a tad bit earlier! No excuse...ok, well it is football season, and I am a coach's widow with 2 small children...is that pathetic enough?! So, since Tristan isn't out of the nursery yet, I haven't put her bedding up, or redecorated with girly touches. The turtles are still on the walls, which may or may not be easily removed, so I figure...newborns can only see like 8 inches away from their faces for a few weeks...she won't know the difference between flowers and turtles!

Went to the Dr. yesterday, and he said he didn't think she would grace us this weekend...so, maybe we can get a few things done Saturday morning. I'll update on my progress, but don't hold your breath.

Monday, August 29, 2011

I looked like some sort of a melon, but...

it wasn't my day! This past weekend, my sister Blair, got hitched in Nashville. I was honored to be her Matron of Honor, and TJ was the ring bearer. After a looooong 7 1/2 hour drive up (it should only take 5-ish), the weekend was lots of fun! We had luncheons, surprised the Bride with a lingerie shower, rehearsals, dinners, and a wedding! The Bride was a picture of perfection...she was absolutely stunning! And I managed to stay on my feet for the entire ceremony, without tumbling down the stairs with bowling ball type action! So, all in all, I would say the wedding was a success! Then, we headed to the reception...it was so awesome! They had a fair/carnival like theme to the reception. There were photo booths with props, a popcorn machine, pinwheels, an ice cream bar (and root beer floats). After my toast (yes, I actually managed to do this without barfing), we had a blast!
Most of the Bradberry cousins

Tristan enjoyed saying "cheese"

I love this picture...they look so sweet!

A little mustache action

No champagne for Tristan...I promise!

TJ crashed at the reception...too much excitement!

Daddy & the Party Animal with the Bride

It was such a fun weekend, and I miss everyone already! Congrats Blair & Dave!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Something Happens When Your Mom Makes You Wear Pink...

...you're either a girly-girl, or you refuse to wear pink until you reach 25! I, of course, chose not to wear pink, or anything frilly for that matter, once I could dress myself! I think I was a relatively easy child to raise, but this was most likely some sort of rebellion on my part...at least this was the worst of it, right?! So, just to make my mom feel better, I'm going to dress my little girl in as much PINK as I possibly can! And, if she turns out to hate pink, then so be it...at least I get to dress her for a few short years!

My friends & family celebrated our sweet baby girl this Saturday! We had so much fun just hanging out, and ohhing & ahhing over the sweet baby clothes! I am so thankful to have such sweet people to share my joy with!

The 2 most excited grandmothers...they can't wait for a little GIRL!

I don't ususally allow this, but this is me and Tanner at 33 weeks.

Just a few of the sweet outfits Miss Tanner will show off soon!

Thomas and I are so blessed to have such a wonderful group of family and friends. Thank you all so much for your love and support! And, as promised...this is the LAST time ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Still Adjusting, but Doing Well

Well, we are making it...a week and a half into the new school year, and things are looking good. Both boys seem to be adjusting well to their new classrooms.

We were a little worried that it was going to be difficult for TJ to understand that he had to act like KK was just his teacher at school, but he seems to be doing well. I think KK has been pleasantly surprised at how well he has handled it. We asked him how he liked having her as his teacher, and he said "I like it, but it's a little weird! Everyone knows that she's my KK...but it's ok." He has been doing well with all of the homework, and has been getting it done in After School Care most days. My favorite quote of the week was on the 2nd day of school, TJ told KK "This homework is LAME! I need to be challenged!" I just told her to be thankful he said it AFTER school ;)

Tristan, who's not keen on any form of change, seems to be doing well in his new class too. I love that they only take one nap instead of two, that way he actually naps rather than stealing his teacher's lunch!

First football game is this Friday, so we're all (mainly me) still adjusting to Daddy being late every night. Hopefully we'll get back to into our school routine soon...just in time for little miss to get here and make for some more adjusting!

Monday, August 8, 2011

First Day of School

TJ has been somewhat dreading the start of school this year, which is kind of odd considering he's only going into the 1st Grade! You would think he wouldn't dread going to school at least until 2nd Grade! And, he's got to be the luckest 1st Grader ever...he gets to have his KK as his teacher...how awesome is that?! I think it's just his lazy streak (which his dad says comes from his Uncle Mike...sorry Uncle Mike)! The only thing he has worried about is ALL of the homework he will have to do this year. But, come this morning, he was excited to put on his new shoes, new back pack, and start the 1st Grade!

Here he is with his First Grade Teacher, Mrs. Hill!

It was also Thomas' first day of school, with students! And, Tristan moved up to his big-boy class at daycare this morning! Here they all are on their first day:

And, as always, Tristan likes to start off his new class with...a little snack!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chunky Monkey

Tristan has been dubbed the "Chunky Monkey." Not necessarily because of his full baby figure, but more for his LOVE of eating. He has just turned 16 months old, and there isn't much this little boy won't eat. One of his favorite foods is broccoli...he shoves it in by the handfuls. He also begs for lettuce anytime I eat salad. He loves any kind of fruit; has been known to eat anything off of the grill, whether it be a steak or chicken. So, as you can see he's not picky...at all! And of course, what kid doesn't like junk food: cake, cookies, french fries, etc? But, I am now beginning to get a little worried since this came home on his daily report from daycare:
I did ask "Where did he get McDonald's?" She said, "Well, it was my lunch! He would point his little finger at whatever he wanted!"

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that he has a good appetite, that I don't have to force-feed him (like I do TJ), that he eats foods that are nutritious (mostly), and isn't picky in the least.

We all kind of laugh, and joke about his never-ending quest for food, but could it be something more serious? Maybe he doesn't have that natural feeling of fullness? I REALLY don't want to wake up one day to my 500 lb toddler, snacking on my arm!
Scary thought.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Epi-pin Please?

Not many cute pictures to share over this past month seeing as we've been too busy with ugly red bumps, swollen ankles (and not from this pregnant lady)...allergic reactions all around; however I did jam my finger saving this cute face from smashing into the floor while head diving off of the couch:

I was also able to squeeze in a "date" night with my TJ. So I did manage one more cute picture this month:

First it started with Thomas getting attacked by yellow jackets while mowing the lawn. He was stung twice on his ankle, once on his arm, and once on the inside of this thigh...little did we know, he must be allergic to them:

The next week we noticed TJ had a rash on his legs and elbows (weird, it was just on his elbows, huh?). He had gotten into some poison ivy, we assume; and once again, we didn't know he was allergic:

Finally (surely this is enough for one month), Tristan came down with strep throat and a double ear infection. After an early Saturday morning visit to the Dr's office, and 2 days on antibiotics, he broke out all over his head, chest, and back...so returning to the Dr. on Tuesday we learn...he's allergic to the antibiotics! YAY...and as TJ would say, "you're being sarcastic, right Mom?!" Sorry, no picture of this unpleasant and unsightly rash, and after those 2 previous pictures, you could use something cute:

Hopefully August will be filled with awesome pictures from my sister's wedding such as this one of TJ trying on his suit:

Or, adorable "First Friday of School" pictures since my first day of school pictures never turn out well, such as this one from last year:

Ready for August...I'll bring the Epi-pin, you bring the Benedryl! See you then!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Shake Your Groove Thang...Yea, Yea

Saturday, I headed to Atlanta to co-host a bridal shower for my one and only sister. Blair lives in California (for now...hopefully we can get them down south soon), and is getting married next month in Nashville. So, we were able to get some girls together and squeeze in a quick little shower; and it was so fun! When I got home that afternoon, I realized I needed to get the boys prepared for what was to come. We got the radio out, turned the volume up, and got our groove on...

Get ready Nashville, 'cause the Hills are ready to Drop it like it's HOT!

Friday, July 1, 2011

And the criminal strikes again

I know, he appears cute, sweet, and innocent...even cuddly at times, but don't be fooled by this lifetime criminal....first he murdered my carpet, now he's been caught again...this time stealing! And, he's good at it; he's like one of those Ocean's 11 guys: a conniving, smart, well-thought out planning kind of thief. He starts his mission like a shark, circling his prey...around and around, stalking them and watching their every move, until he comes up with his perfect plan of attack. His prey, always being his big brother, who has unknowingly fallen into his trap. TJ sits on the floor, watching cartoons, while eating his breakfast on a stool. The hardened criminal scopes out his target:Upon noticing his prey is completely engulfed in cartoons, he squats down directly in front of him with stealthy motion. Once in position, he slowly pulls the stool away from TJ. Finally, TJ partially comes back to reality, and pulls the stool back, at this point Tristan realizes his plan has worked out perfectly. He grabs for the plate, and swipes TJ's last 2 pieces of waffle...SUCCESS!

WARNING: there is a blue eyed, blonde haired, chunky baby on the loose...he's been caught twice, and is suspected armed, with 12 teeth, and dangerous...don't let him get too close!