Wednesday, August 12, 2009

AFTER School Report...What a night!

I am happy to report that TJ's first day of K-4 was a success! He had a ton of fun and was excited to show us his notebook last night.

After school TJ went to his KK and Papa's house until I got home from work. We all went out to dinner afterwards, but TJ wouldn't eat any dinner...that is until Papa bribed him! He only ate his applesauce and drank his Sprite. Then we headed home. When we pulled into the drive and opened the garage door we noticed that Mya (Houdini Dog) had found some of TJ's toys and had them all over the garage! Upon further inspection, she had chewed an extension cord into numberous pieces, unplugged...but at this moment kinda thinking it would have been good if it was plugged in! Then comes the worst...she chewed through our garage door wiring!!!!!!!! Now, our garage door won't open and close!!! Beginning to rethink this whole dog thing again...

Next in our crazy night, we decided we needed to throw the ball to Mya and let her run around for a while before heading inside for the night. TJ was right along side her running up and down the driveway and across the yard. They ran and played for about 15 minutes and the mosquitoes were out in full force, so we headed in. As soon as we walked in, TJ tells me he has a headache. When I look at him, his little cheeks are bright red, so I just tell him that he is probably too hot and needs to get something cool to drink. After taking a sip, we head over to the couch to check out his school notebook. I opened the notebook and TJ was standing in front of the couch and still looked hot, so I asked if he was feeling alright. He slowly raised his head from the couch and S P L A S H...threw up all over the couch, his school notebook, me, him, the floor...EVERYWHERE! So, I ran him to the trash can and he threw up some more. After changing his clothes, he threw up 2 more times. He was so pitiful, kept crying because his Daddy threw away his notebook. Shortly after, he fell asleep and slept all night and is back to his cheery self this morning. WHAT A NIGHT! We won't soon forget TJ's first day of school.


  1. Bless that baby's heart! And yours for having to clean it all up. Why do they always have to hit 14 areas of fabric when throwing up?? Hope he has another great day today!

  2. Poor baby! I hate that but glad he bounced back so quickly! I can't believe he's already going to school. I don't even want to think about it, it goes way too quickly, I'm sure! Glad he enjoyed his day and that you were "tough" :)