Monday, November 2, 2009

Arrrggg, Arrrggg

Happy Halloween to all! We decided to go to Auburn Thursday night for Trick-or-Treating since our area was holding Trick-or-Treating on actual Halloween...I mean who does that anymore? Just kidding, I always hated that Auburn wouldn't do Halloween on actual Halloween if it fell on a Friday or Saturday, due to football games! But, back to the point, there was a home football game Saturday so I knew I wouldn't feel like going Trick-or-Treating after all that...and imagine was supposed to rain! This has truly been the rainiest fall I can remember...and not even because of hurricanes! TJ decided he wanted to dress up as a pirate, only because he saw a sword at the store first. But, he ended up looking really cute! Uncle Lee and Nana accompanied us on our adventure to get buckets full of candy. TJ did great this year, remembering to say "Trick-or-Treat" and "Thank you" after getting candy. Most of the time, he would turn back around to the house and say "Have a Happy Halloween!" Such a sweet pirate...who knew?! We did take a rest stop once to grab a few M&M's, but other than that, made it 3 streets before heading home. When going through his pumpkin with Uncle Lee, checking out all of the yummy candies, he chose to eat the one and only APPLE! I know, wierd, what's wrong with him?! He's defintely made up for the lack of candy since then though...asking first each morning if he can have candy for breakfast :)


  1. What a little ham! He is so cute and looks like he is still keeping you busy!

  2. You had a precious little pirate!!! Love that costume and it fit him perfectly! Love you and hope yall had a great halloween!!