Thursday, October 22, 2009

And the Streak Continues...

Today we had our 16 week Dr.'s appointment and ultrasound. TJ and Thomas left school early to come with me to the Doctor. We all piled into the ultrasound room and anxiously awaited to hear everything was healthy and looking good. The technician took what seemed like a million pictures and measurements first. Then, as with Thomas, this little one did not want to cooperate. She tried to get it moving and finally got her wish! Just then she announced what we had all expected...the Hill boy streak continues! A perfectly healthy, sweet Baby Boy! Due April 5th!

Other than TJ's first words being "I wanted a sister!," we are so excited and blessed beyond measure. Continuing to pray that everything goes smoothly over the next 5 months. Thanks to all for your continued love, support, and prayers. You all mean the world to us!


  1. How FUN! CONGRATULATIONS!! TJ will have a lot of fun with a brother. And you will love having all those boys around. Obviously, we think it's pretty neat! :-) Love you guys!

  2. Oh fun Ashley!!! I"m so excited to hear that you are having a healthy baby boy!!! ;) Let me know when you decide on the name, so I can get your gift to you! Hope you're feeling great! Love you girl!

  3. I am so thrilled for y'all! Hugs to you!