Monday, November 30, 2009

Does Anyone Else Have One of These...

Does anyone else have one of these? And no, I'm not talking about the precious little boy he looks, and most of the time acts, to be. What you ask, could I be referring to then? One of these boys that is 4 years old...wait, almost 5 years old, and still has accidents in his pants, I would say more than occasionally! And I'm not talking #1!!! I am so tired of smelling poop, cleaning poop, and doing poopy laundry that I can't see straight, or at least any color other than brown...yes, I know that is disgusting, but try living with it! The child thinks it is a punishment to go to the bathroom. He literally will dance until he goes in his pants a little, then like a flash of lightning decides that he has to go to the bathroom and dashes in throwing the toilet seat up, dropping his pants, and barely (sometimes not even) rings the toilet...and that's for #1. If one of us sees him acting in a strange manner such as dancing with his legs crossed, wiggling uncontrollably on the couch or floor, we insist that he go to the bathroom. His response is always, "I don't need to go." Or my favorite new response is "But Mommy, please don't make me!" Make him, what's that all about? He is too busy playing to stop to go to the bathroom! We have tried all punishment techniques to no avail...he has been put in time out 3 times in a day for pooping in his pants, he has been spanked for pooping in his pants, he doesn't care as long as he can poop in his pants to keep from having to stop playing (that is until we smell his stinky butt and have to clean up said poop and put him in timeout). Why doesn't he understand that it takes longer to poop in his pants and get in trouble than to just go sit on the potty? Any suggestions at this point are welcome...ANY!

PS. Sorry for my blogging absense lately. I promise to try to do better, however with another pooping baby on the way...not sure I will have time for anything other than cleaning up poop! Will catch up on Thanksgiving soon!


  1. Okay, so I typed out a LONG comment yesterday, all to tell you that YES I DO FEEL YOUR PAIN!!! Jack drives us crazy daily with this exact same problem. I'll e-mail you all the gross details of my comment from yesterday, that for some reason wouldn't "publish" but was probably better for your other readers sake! But yes, we do go through it too. Matter of fact, just this morning we dealt with it! Hang in there.

  2. Girl... Cooper is 8 and I still have to beg that child to go potty! What is it with these boys?! My 8 year old actually danced and wiggled around so much the other evening that his normal mad dash to the bathroom to pee all over the toilet and floor just didn't cut it and he actually came in the living room to tell me how his pants were all wet and it was all my fault! Yup! My fault! Apparently, I'm supposed to be buying him "break-away" pants for easier and faster access or something. I'm sure it had nothing at all to do with the fact that he simply waited until the very last second to go because he was way too busy playing with mini-marvel action figures to heed his body's warning that it was TIME TO GO! Hang in there girl! This too shall pass.