Thursday, April 25, 2013

Opening Day

Baseball season is here. And, Saturday was opening day. And, as all opening days go. . . at least in our sleepy little town. . . it was well S L O W and running behind! But, thankfully Thomas had taken TJ on early to get his pictures, and we stayed behind to let Tanner finish or elongate her nap. I still had to wake her, which left me with a slightly cranky little girl; I mean check out those faces in the pics below. By the time we made it the park, they still weren't starting our game, so we took the little ones over to the play ground to get a little energy out.

But, it wasn't too terribly long after we got there before the big game got started. TJ played catcher for several innings, and then short stop for another inning. He went 3 for 3 hitting, and was happy with that! You can really tell that these boys have gotten better since last year. TJ had his own little cheering section with both sets of Grandparents, Uncle Buck, and Granny in attendance. We are going to enjoy one more season with only one ball player, 'cause look out world. . .Tristan starts t-ball next year!

Monday, April 22, 2013

To the Bride & Groom!

My Mom is a newlywed.
I sometimes think of the day when I'm going to have to "give away" one of my boys, or the princess. I think of what that will mean to our little family. Having to share MY baby with another person and another family. And, to be honest, I don't think it's going to be much different than "giving away" my Mom. She has always put us first, and I have never questioned the love she has for me and my brothers for a second. If you ask me, that's the best mother anyone could ask for!

I thought it might be hard for me to give her away, let her move away...but, it's been surprisingly easy.
Not that I won't miss our lunch dates, or spur of the moment spend the nights with Nana, or Sunday afternoon trips to the grocery store by myself because she has come over to keep the kids for me during football season.
But, because I couldn't be more happy for her.
Because I couldn't have picked out a better life-long partner to better suit her.
No one deserves to find the happiness that comes when you have finally found the one God has meant for you, more than my Mom!
I love you Mom, and I am so thankful that Bill is now a part of our family.

I was telling Thomas yesterday about Bill at TJ's game on Saturday. How we took the babies over to the playground, and he pulled out his camera and starting taking millions of pictures...just like he was a proud Grandpa! Not that I wasn't happy to have him before, but honestly...that stamped it and sealed it in my heart!

Thank you for being my mom's best friend.
For being her loudest cheerleader.
For being her soul mate.
For being a shoulder to cry on and a ear to listen.
For making her laugh.
Most importantly, for being a Godly man and leader who will love, honor, and cherish her always.

Here's to the Bride & Groom!

Monday, April 15, 2013

The REALLY lost tooth

Well, we're finishing up the end of 2nd Grade, and TJ has finally lost another tooth. . .this being his 3rd tooth total. At this rate, he may be 20 before he finally loses his last baby tooth! He lost his first 2 teeth last year at once by swinging a bean bag with his teeth and they both popped out, leaving a nice, large hole for a while since they weren't actually ready to come out! This one was ready. He went to the bathroom and pulled it himself on Friday at school. His teacher put it in a little capsule so he wouldn't loose it before getting home. Nice try, Mrs. Slade, nice try. Friday afternoon, I get a phone call from Thomas:

Thomas: "Hey Babe. Got some really bad news."

Me: "Oh no! What is it?!"

Thomas: "Well, TJ lost his tooth at school today. Then, this afternoon he was playing at after-school care. . ."

Me: Panicked. The last time he called like this, TJ had busted his head open at after-school care, and was on his way to the ER to get staples in his head! "Just give it to me. . .I don't need the whole story right now!"

Thomas: "He was playing with the capsule that his tooth was in. . .and his tooth fell out. He lost his tooth."

Me: "Oh, that's it?! Ok."

Thomas: "Well, he's been really upset and has boo hooed the entire way home."

Me: "He can write the tooth fairy a note. . .no problem, I've got this."

So, when I get home, I excitedly ask TJ to see where he lost his tooth. . .he shows me, and then bursts into tears again! I calmed him down, and told him we would just write the tooth fairy a note, and all would be well. He was fine with that, and before bed, he wrote his note.

We put the note in his tooth pillow, and under his pillow pet. TJ loves to sleep on the couch (getting ready for married life, I guess), so on weekends we oblige. We all go happily to sleep and all is well in the Hill house.

Saturday morning, TJ comes running into our room, teary eyed. . ."The tooth fairy forgot to come!"

Thomas looks at me with that OH CRAP WE FELL ASLEEP look, and explains that maybe the tooth fairy was confused, and left it under his pillow on his bed. He jumped up, grabbed the quarters ($2 worth in quarters since neither one of us had any cash), and tries to beat TJ to his bed. Thankfully, that crazy tooth fairy was just confused and had left the money on his bed, under that pillow! TJ was so excited that the tooth fairy had come, and again, all is well. . .

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Draining ;-)

Ok, so I know a few weeks ago I said I was ready for all of Spring had to bring. . .well, I take it back. . .all of it! After our fun last weekend, most of it being outside, my allergies were thrown into over-drive and by mid-week I had gotten a full blown sinus infection! Thankfully after seeing the Doc on Friday, I was able to get lots of good meds and am finally starting to feel better. I'm so glad I felt better by Sunday, because we had plans to go to a Braves game that afternoon. I don't know if I've mentioned how lucky I am to have married into such a wonderful family. And, after almost 10 years, I feel like they have always been MY family. Thomas' youngest brother lives in Atlanta, and made all of the arrangements with his Braves connections. We stopped in Newnan to pick up his other brother and sister-in-law. It was a beautiful day. . .perfect baseball weather.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Egg Hunts, Birthday, and Easter...all rolled into one!

This year, Tristan's Birthday happened to fall on Easter Sunday. And it being Easter weekend, we also had other events to what did we do...ALL of it of course! Thankfully, I had Good Friday off from work, and we were able to take TJ to see the new movie The Croods...and it was really cute! Then, my mom watched all 3 so we could get some shopping done. We sure do LOVE our Nana!!! Saturday morning we went to the annual Sonrise Celebration and egg hunt at our church. It was good food, good fun, and good company...not to mention a great JESUS celebration!

After early naps, we headed to All Play to jump, slide, and exhaust the kiddos for Tristan's birthday! He had some friends from church join us, and also a friend from school came up to play!

Then, we headed home for a Tristan celebration with Mickey and our friends and family. The day couldn't have been better, and I think Tristan had a blast!

Tristan is such a special little boy! He keeps us on our toes, teaches us the meaning of patience on a daily (or hourly) basis, tests his boundaries, but he is such a loving, caring, compassionate, and sensitive little boy and we wouldn't want him any other way! We love the "mayhem" he brings into our life...and is currently teaching his little sister to follow in his footsteps...or those he left in red nail polish!

Sunday morning, we enjoyed Easter Bunny treats, and scurried to get ready and out the door for church!

I managed to get a family shot before we left the always, not perfect, but we'll never forget the REALITY of having 3 young kids ;-)

And after a little begging (and a possible threat to Tristan), I did manage to get a few precious shots of the kids before we walked into church.

After church we were able to eat with all of the Hills and Nana...couldn't have been better for us. We tried to get a few group shots...but, the kids weren't even listening to threats at this point!

Papa and KK invited us over after lunch for an Easter egg hunt. There was supposed to be a kids hunt and a separate adult hunt, but the eggs were all in the same place and the kids got a head start...TJ ended up with $159...and the next closest winner was me, with $44! I think TJ may be ready to hunt with the adults next year!!!

This weekend honestly couldn't have gotten much better. We are so incredibly thankful and blessed for our 3 healthy, beautiful babies, and no less thankful for the family we are surrounded with. And, we wouldn't have anything if it weren't for our Glorious Lord, and Savior.