Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mayhem is 2!

We celebrated Tristan's birthday with a "Just Like Cam (Newton)" Party, since Cam was #2 at Auburn.
I feel like Tristan has been causing Mayhem for much longer than 2 short years, but I guess time flies when you are cleaning up mess, after mess, after mess...that's the saying right?! I absolutely love the chaos he causes in our life. He's so full of personality: sweet, with a little devil on his right shoulder! He's always entertaining, whether it be his infectious dimpled filled giggles, or the hysterics he displays while flailing his body on the floor after everytime he gets told "No!" I love the way his little voice sounds (when he's not whinning). How he uses a "p" in place of an "f" for all words that start with an "f": pish, pinger, peet, pace...all are my favorite! And, speaking of "p" words and the #2, I am thinking Potty training isn't too far off in the future! He definitely is aware of when he needs to go! I have a picture of what occurred in my house last night, but I've chickened out and don't think I want to share such a sight! But, Tristan came out of his room and told his Daddy that he had poopooed. So, Thomas changed him, and they immediately left to pick up TJ from church. About an hour later, I sent TJ to his room to get ready for bed...and of course Tristan followed. Where Tristan goes, I must follow to make sure he isn't painting the carpet purple (like we found him doing during nap time on Sunday), or coloring on the walls with crayons, or pulling every.single.wipe. out of the container to clean up such messes! So, I make it to the hall and come upon what appears to be a LARGE pile of dog crap on my floor...and it looks like it has been stepped my eyes follow the crap prints through their carpeted (white) bedroom! So, first I was trying to figure out how our dog, who is known to perform stunts of her own, opened the gate outside, let herself in the back door, crapped on my floor, and let herself back out and into the cage! Once I realized that was ridiculous, I yelled "Who pooped on the floor?!" Everyone denied it...except Mayhem...when I asked him if he pooped on the floor, he said "Yep." I'm still baffled how he managed that, considering he was fully all times??? But, nevertheless, I'm buying a potty today! Can't wait for more excitement from our Monkey in the Middle!