Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Whaz up???

In case you can't totally see how my son's hat is on his head, yes, it is completely gansta sideways! And no, I didn't put it on his head like that! What's up with t-ball jerseys and hats anyways. Don't they know the people wearing them are kids, and not only kids in this league, but 3 and 4 year olds???

In his last game, his hat kept sliding down over his eyes and was practically touching his nose! So, this week, I sent him on the field with his hat turned backwards. I am sure that in the "official t-ball rule book" they are supposed to wear their hats straight, but isn't there a rule that they should have hats that fit too? Any way, his hat was on backwards, and one of the coaches turned it forward and added a little gansta lean to the side. Guess what coach...he still can't see! I know that none of the kids are really paying attention anyway and would rather see the dirt at their feet than the ball, but maybe I'll petition the t-ball powers at be anyway!


  1. Amen sista! Go right ahead and tell them that even when their shirts are tucked in, they still hang so low that the poor kids can't throw the stinkin' ball half the time cause their arms get caught in all that shirt! And we ordered an X-small for both!!

  2. So cute! I can't wait to start T-Ball!! ;) I know it makes your life crazy, but man do I love it! He's so cute Ashley!