Monday, September 28, 2009

Granny-isms a.k.a. Total & Complete Bluntness

Yesterday after church we went to lunch with Thomas' parents and grandmother (Granny). Granny is 88 years old. She has always said what is on her mind, not holding back for fear of hurting someone's feelings. Like the first day I met her, Thomas said "Well, you finally got to meet Ashlee, what do you think?" To which her response (right in front of me might I add), "Well, she sure is pretty, but I don't know if I like her yet!" So, back to yesterday...this is how the conversation went between Thomas and Granny:

Thomas: "Granny, we wanted to tell you that Ashlee and I are expecting a baby again!"

Granny: "I know."

Thomas: "You know? How?" (All of us are kind of giggling because she has mentioned to Joe and or Karen several times that she thought I was pregnant)

Granny: "Well, I knew she wasn't gaining all of that weight for nothing!!!"

Yeah, I think that tops the cake! Thank goodness I wasn't in the mood to cry at that particular moment as I have been a LOT lately! And, what a sweet husband I have that came to my defense to tell her that in fact I haven't gained any weight, but that it's just shifted to my stomach! And as if that wasn't enough, he next compliment went something like this:

Granny: "Ashlee, I really like your hair long like that."

Me: "Thank you Granny."

Granny: "It makes your face look thinner."

So, yes world, I know I'm not what I once was in the looks category, so something like "Congratulations" would work good right about now! Baby #2 to make his or her debut this Spring!


  1. Congratulations on the expected delivery! I am so happy for you both. You're a smart woman not to take what Granny says personally. Funny story since somewhat knew you were pregnant by Granny telling my Mom the same thing as she said above and asking Joe and Karen. too funny!

  2. AHHHHHH!!! YEA FOR YOU GUYS!!!! How exciting. What a fun way to tell us. And Granny sounds like a hoot. I can't wait until I can say things uncensored and let age be my excuse! For real, I will be dropping "compliments" like nobody's business! I am so happy for you guys. I know TJ is super pumped too. Keep us posted and hope you are feeling good!

  3. YAYAYAY!!!! I'm so happy for yall!!! I loved your stories and even more what they said... I'm so excited for you!!! Oh Granny... TOO Funny! Love you girl! Keep me posted on everything, I can't wait to hear all about it!!

  4. Congratulations! So exciting!