Monday, May 4, 2009

Houdini in Action Again

In my first post, I talked about our dog, Mya, and how she is our son's best friend. Well, TJ and Mya spent the night at the lake with KK and Papa on Saturday while Thomas and I went to a wedding shower. When we got back up to the lake on Sunday, TJ and Papa had gone for a ride on the wave-runner. KK then says, "you know what, Mya was down there with them, and I haven't seen or heard her since they left." Thomas and I both immediately got worried, knowing that Mya does not like to be left by TJ. She is always right there by his side, wherever he is. The day before Thomas had put her into the lake several times to get her to swim. So, my first thought was that she saw TJ and Papa on the wave-runner and jumped in the water after them. Both times, she struggled to get back up on the dock and didn't seem to like swimming at all! So, Thomas and I run down to the boat dock yelling frantically for her. We hear nothing and see nothing. We decided to get in the boat and drive down into the cove since that is the way the current would have taken her if she had jumped in. We drove along the edge, looking all around, and still yelling her name in hopes of finding her still barely treading water or up on the shore. Still, nothing. After about 30 minutes, we just felt there was no way she had made it and I started to tear up thinking I was going to have to tell TJ that his dog had drown! We gave up and started driving the boat back up to the house, when Papa, TJ, and...MYA drove up on the wave-runner! She had gotten upset as soon as they started out and jumped into the water, swam over to them, and climbed on!


  1. So cute! I can't believe she stayed on!

  2. That's a great story! It's like a dang lassie movie just waiting to be made! How sweet that she loves TJ so much that she actually "worries" when he's not with her. Now that, my friend, is a good dog!