Friday, June 5, 2009


The above picture really has nothing to do with this story...I just like pictures, and I thought this one may look like someone named Bubba ;)

Any way, TJ has been into playing "Mommy & Daddy" lately. He is always the Daddy of the babies (beanie babies). After church on Sunday, Thomas and I headed to Nana's house to eat lunch and pick TJ up. When we got there, we walked out onto the deck where TJ and Nana were cooking and playing. As soon as we opened the door, TJ started giving directions.

TJ: "I'm the Daddy and Nana's the Mommy of the babies."

Me: (Nice to see you too, missed you, can I have a kiss and hug?) "Ok."

TJ: "And Mommy, you're Grandmomma."

Me: (I'm not quite ready for that stage.) "Sounds good...I'll just spoil the babies."

TJ: "And Daddy..."

Thomas: "Yes, who am I?"

TJ: "Daddy, you can be BUBBA."

We all laughed hysterically. "Bubba"...Who's Bubba? The remainder of the day we spent calling each other Grandmomma and Bubba. I think Thomas is seriously considering being called "Bubba" one day when he is a grandpa!!! At least I have plenty of time to change his mind!


  1. That kid is so funny. We have got to get him and Jack together soon. I'm sure all we will do is laugh!

  2. Holly, we would love to! Thomas is out of school for the summer, so just let us know when!

  3. That's hilarious Ashley!!! ;)