Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"That Momma Did Good..."

So, we have closed one chapter and begun a new one with TJ's last day at Bonnie's Kids (daycare) and today, his first day at Springwood for K-4.

This is a picture from Friday, TJ's last day at daycare. Notice...he is the only one NOT looking at the camera. Anyway, he HAD to have a party for his last day. So, I suggested we take cupcakes for snack time. He went to the grocery store with me and picked out the mix...pink strawberry cake mix, and pink strawberry icing. Of course he was the only one not to eat his cupcake either! Overall our daycare experience was a positive one. We will miss the friends that we made there over the last 3 years and hope to keep in touch and see each other often. I am glad however to have escaped the teachers who cannot even speak correct English while teaching my child to say words like "ain't" (which I dispise). I will not miss my son saying "Well, Miss Rebekka says (fill in the blank with whatever is the opposite of what I am saying)" But, for nostaligic purposes, I will think only the positive and say thank you for all of the things you did teach our son.

This is a picture taken this morning, Tuesday, August 11, 2009, TJ's first day of K-4 at Springwood School!!! He looks so BIG! He, of course, has been super excited and counting down the days until he gets to go to "big school" with Daddy. I guess I should feel a little better that I have 2 family members working at the same school, one being his Dad and the other his KK (and she will even be in the same building). I decided I would put my happy face on today and not let TJ see me upset. Once we arrived at the school we all walked in and there he went, not scared or apprehensive at all! He looked up at his new teacher, Mrs. Dewberry, and just as matter of factly said "I go to school here now." The child could have cared less that Thomas and I were still there waiting for him to hug us and tell us good bye! When Thomas and I walked out, we walked passsed the headmaster and principle outside and I over heard one of them say, "That Momma did good!" With my back to them, all I thought was "only if she could see the tears streaming down my face at this very minute..." My little boy is growing up so fast!

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  1. Awww, you did do good! I made it home yesterday before losing it after dropping Lucy off in first grade. Tomorrow is Jack's first day of pre-k 4, so I'm sure the water works will be flowing again! Although, the day he's having today won't make it too hard for me!