Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Too big for his britches!

My little man started the 2nd grade today! I seriously can't get over that...2nd Grade! TJ is such a bright, sweet, funny little boy and I'm so excited to see what this year has in store!

When I told him to complete the sentence he said, "Well, I think I might want to be a teacher...just like my dad!"

He's gotten so big he can hold his squishy little sister!

Getting ready to go in!

With Mrs. Slade

Ready for the 2nd Grade!

Not only has my TJ started 2nd grade, he is trying to steal the heart of yet another taken, and much older woman! The first time he tried was on his Uncle's girlfriend, and at least the poor guy was aware that he was trying to get his girl! This time, I'm pretty sure the other man is clueless to this 7 year old's kniving ways! TJ has become smitten with the new receptionist at our office (cute college girl). The first day he met her, he strutted by a her desk a few times, and flashed a few of his devilishly handsome smiles her way. Then, when he was getting ready to leave, I officially introduced him to Marissa and told him that she would be babysitting him in a few weeks. He smiled and then asked if he was allowed behind the receptionist area. She said, "Sure, it's pretty cool. Come check it out!" As soon as he got behind the desk, he went for it! He gave her the biggest, two-armed, head-on-chest hug. Wait for it...then he said, "I've been wanting to do that since the first time I walked by you!"

Then, the day Marissa was coming to watch the kids I reminded him that she would be coming. He said, "Oooh, I love Marissa!" with that silly, half-open eyed look. When we got home that night(at 11:00pm), TJ was still awake and watching T.V. with Marissa. She was giving us the run down of how the evening went, and when she finished she said TJ told her that we had pictures of everyone else in the family on our wall, so it was time for us to get her picture up there too!

Oh my!

I quickly grabbed my camera and told him that I would take their picture together and he could put it up in his room...that was least for now!

So, apparently I have a 7 year old, Second Grader going on 13! Saying a little prayer...these next 20 years are going to be one wild ride!