Thursday, May 21, 2009

Because God Made it That Way

As mentioned previously, our son is a blabber mouth. He talks more than any child I have ever been around, make that any human being I have ever been around! Not only does he talk a lot, he asks question, after question, after question which the majority I have no idea how to answer! We drive from Lanett to Opelika every day for work and school (about 25 minutes). On our drives he must ponder all of life's questions and never stops to catch his breath while asking each one. May I also state, that my child must be testing me because he never forgets what my responses are, but continually asks the same questions to see if I give the same response. It all starts off with "Mommy..." which in turn means I have to respond, "Yes, Thomas?" And after asking his question and recieving my fully thought out response, he says "WHY?" I now believe the word "why" should officially be removed from the english language! I know I should be thankful that my child is so inquisitive and interested in learning about EVERYTHING, but sometimes I really don't want to think! Day after day of this constant testing and questioning by a 4 year old can honestly drive a Mom crazy! So, I have now come up with a response that seems to satisfy him and is the basic truth of all creation..."because God made it that way." Good answer, pat myself on the, I can just give that answer no matter what he asks :)

So, the other day we were hanging out at the house and our converstation starts:

TJ: "Mommy..."

Me: "Yes, Thomas?"

TJ: (Pointing and closely examining the heels of my feet) "Mommy, why you feet broken?"

Me: "What do you mean?" I asked defensively "You mean cracked?"

TJ: "Yeah Mommy, Why you feet cracked?" (as he looks even more intently)

Me: "Well..."

TJ: "Cause God made you that way?"

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  1. Awww, that is precious! Gotta love him. How sweet.