Thursday, June 26, 2014

To the Younger Me:

Life happens...too quickly. When I look into those big, gorgeous blue eyes of my sweet little girl I often think about all the things I wish I known (who listened to their Mother when she tried to tell you), or wish I could go back to tell the younger me. Nothing profound or life altering, but little pieces of the whole puzzle.

To the high school me:
Enjoy learning who you are and what makes you's a process that I'm still trying to figure out now in my 30's, so best to start out early being yourself. It's easy to say, but don't worry what others may think of you. Everyone feels akward in high school, whether they admit it or not. No need to have a boyfriend in high school; one day you'll realize your time would have been better spent with friends. Shhh, don't tell her, but your Mother was right...a lot! And OMG, you are NOT any definition of the word!

To the college me:
The old saying "this is the best time of your life" is so true about the college years! Don't be so's really ok to have an opinion. Always take a girl friend with you when you go out...especially your best friend, 'cause she's always got your back! Don't waste your time on guys that aren't right for you, because you will meet the perfect MAN who is right soon enough. And, one day you'll wish you were as "fat" as you were in college!

To the First-time Mom me:
That sleep deprivation won't kill you...even if it feels you can't go on another second. One child is a piece of cake. A few years down the road, you could manage one with both arms tied behind your back and a blindfold on! A little dirt will never hurt. Don't worry with what EVERYONE has to say about what you should and shouldn't do, how they did or didn't do things like you, etc. You aren't the perfect mother now, nor will you ever be...and that's ok. There is such a thing as "Mother's Instinct" it. You never thought you could love another human being like you love this one, but just wait for #2 & #3! Speaking of love, you and your husband still need time alone. Take it and enjoy it!

To the Mom of three me:
As I'm still fighting my way through this phase I have learned a few things:
It's ok that you're house isn't perfectly neat and tidy...because 2 minutes after you finish vacuuming and have moved onto the next chore, one of your 3 will spill their milk or drop fruit loops all over the floor. Take time for yourself...just do it! Don't compare yourself to other Moms, your kids don't! It's ok to put off the dishes to play Jenga with your toddlers, or Wii with your oldest. They won't remember how clean your kitchen was, but they will remember time you spent with them. Mom-Guilt is hard when you work full-time, but try to relish the time you do have and spend it making memories. And that body that is more round and soft, covered in stretch to be healthy, then accept it and move on!