Friday, December 21, 2012

On the First Day of Tristan...

Mayhem said to me:

On the way to church. . .

Tristan: "Mommy can I howd yous butt?"
Me: "Huh? Excuse me?"
Tristan: "Yous butt. . .I wanna howd it. . ."
Me: "I don't understand...this is wierd!"
Tristan: (Pointing above my head) "Yous butt. . .I want it!"
Me: "OH, you want to push the garage door button!"

On the Second Day of Tristan, Mayhem said to me:

While getting out of Timeout. . .

Me: "Tristan, why were you put in timeout?"
Tristan: "'Cause I didn't yisten, and 'cause I towd chu No!"
Me: "That's right. What do you say when Mommy tells you to do something?"
Tristan: "Hmmm. . . Trick-or-Treat?!"

On the Third Day of Tristan, Mayhem said to me:

While caught having a Cheez-it picnic on the kitchen floor at 7:30 a.m. . .

Tristan: "I not hungy, and Sissy not hungy too!"

Merry Christmas from Mayhem and the rest of the Hill gang!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Thanksgiving week for us involved 2 Thanksgivings and 1 Christmas this year! On Wednesday night we had Christmas at Nana's so all of our family could be together to enjoy it!

We all had a blast while decorating Nana's Tree Wednesday night.

Thursday it was a full day of eating and playing cornhole at the Hill's.

We always get our Christmas card picture made on Thanksgiving Day. This is attempt # 537...

And, I believe in #538 we may have gotten it as good as we can get!

On Friday, it was back to Nana's to enjoy Thanksgiving #2 with the Bradberry's and Deans!

"The Originals"

Plus the Hubs

Tan and Aunt Blair showed up in matching outfits!

After eating, we played a little game of Dirty was a lot of fun! Maybe next year we should all bring 2 gifts so it will last longer!!!

We had a full week with full hearts! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!