Monday, August 3, 2009

Kids should come with a BLEEP button...

After coming home from the lake around 5:00 yesterday afternoon, I decided I would cook chicken alfredo (even though I didn't want to cook at all). I started the water on the stove and started pulling out my ingredients only to realize, guess what, I don't have any chicken!!! That is the second time this week I have started to cook dinner, then realize I am missing ONE ingredient! Thomas sweetly asked if I would like him to run to the store (during which time it is monsooning outside). I say no and ask if it would be okay to just have noodles and chicken. He then says, "Let's just go out to eat." Which is secretly what I wanted to hear all along ;)

Fast forward to the restaurant...while finishing the last of our dinner, TJ stands up in the booth and says, "Ok, I'm ready to go now." Thomas then informs him, "we can't just leave...we have to pay a lot of money before we can get out of here." TJ responds, "Oh..." So, our waiter comes over and asks if we are all finished and need anything else. Then hands us our bill. During this process, I see TJ getting ready to say something..."My Daddy says that we have to pay a lot of money before we can get out of here!" We are giggling at this point and the ladies in the table behind us are laughing loudly. Our waiter takes it in stride and hands TJ the bill and asks him if he has any money to pay. When he says no, the waiter asks him if he knows how to wash dishes. He says, "No, I'm just a kid." We all chuckle...on to the next BLEEP moment...

Well, while waiting for our waiter to return with our card and receipt, I notice a smell and remember that in Chambers County (what century are they in) they still allow smoking in restaurants!!! So, I blurt out "We need to get outta here...those people are smoking...we'll all have to take showers again when we get home!" Waiter then returns with our receipt and TJ practically yells loud enough for everyone within a mile to hear, "We need to get outta here..." SLAM, my hand practically knocks his front teeth out as I cup my hand over his mouth and apologetically look at the waiter. This is where the BLEEP button would have come in handy. The waiter snickers and just says, "I understand" and walks away from the table with a huge grin on his face. Once he reaches the kitchen, we hear a thunderous laugh. About that time, as our faces are red-hot we escape to the car where we try to explain that not all things we say to him need to be told to other people!

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  1. Sounds to me like the smokers SHOULD have heard that comment!! How rude to smoke around kids, even if it is allowed. I get fired up about public smoking, can you tell??

    I agree though, kids do need a bleep button. Jack more than my other three combined!