Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Halloween in December

You've surely heard of Christmas in July, so what's not to love about a little Halloween in December?! Still playing catch up, but don't want to miss posting about the cute costumes.

TJ decided to be a vampire this year:

Tristan loves Elmo, so we went with it:

I tried for a few days to get him to try on his Elmo suit, but he didn't understand he was supposed to wear Elmo. He just carried it around like his other Elmo. Once the Trick-or-Treating started, he realized that he got to have lots of candy if he wore Elmo. As I've mentioned before, Tristan loves to eat...and just discovered that he is a choco-holic! I think we've found his new favorite holiday!

Tanner was some sort of cat...not sure if it is supposed to be a leopard or cheetah, but I don't think either are grey in color?!

Happy Haunting!

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