Friday, August 13, 2010

The First Friday of School

No, TJ's school didn't start the year off on a Friday. Yes, I know you are supposed to take pictures on the first day of school. I tried, and this is what I got:

ALL.I.GOT. between Thomas rushing us with his usual drill sergeant morning routine, and TJ's excitement for the first day of school. Thankfully his teachers take pictures on the first day too, and they got a really good one of TJ, Tristan, and I...but, I don't have it yet and needed to get the first day of school post out of the way.
So, we took First Friday of School pictures this year!

TJ is now officially in Kindergarten...or as my new home people, the Valley-ites, call it K5. Since his K4 class was so large, they decided to split them up this year. His K4 teacher actually moved up to teach K5 this year and so he has Mrs. Dewberry again. We were amazed every day with the new things he learned last year and know that this year will be no different. TJ is the sweetest, most loving little boy. He is so much more outgoing than either Thomas or I, and just loves being with people. He makes friends where ever he goes, and I so admire that trait in him. He is so inquisitive, always wanting to know "why?" Maybe that is why he is the smartest little 5 year old I know! He is ALL boy, full-force until he passes out each night and has taught Thomas and I the meaning of patience. But, we wouldn't have it any other way! TJ we are so proud of you and we look forward to the many more surprises you have in store for us!

Thomas, my hunky-hubby, actually started school on Monday...or July, if you count being there everyday for football! This year he will be teaching 7th Grade Civics and Geography; 8th Grade World History; and 2 classes of Girls Weights. He is also an assistant football coach and the Varsity Head Baseball Coach. He is the most hard working, under-paid man I know. But, he has a passion for his job and loves (almost) every minute of it. He truly enjoys his chosen profession, which I so admire! What an amazing example he is to our boys, and I pray they grow up to be wonderful men such as their Daddy.

Have a GREAT First Friday and I'll be cheering you both on this year!

Love, Mom

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  1. What a precious kinder kid! WE haven't started school yet on our side town yet, but I'll be lucky to get your monday picture. friday may be too much to hope for. Love your cute blog.

    Found you on fab friday! I'm your newest follower.