Monday, August 22, 2011

Something Happens When Your Mom Makes You Wear Pink...'re either a girly-girl, or you refuse to wear pink until you reach 25! I, of course, chose not to wear pink, or anything frilly for that matter, once I could dress myself! I think I was a relatively easy child to raise, but this was most likely some sort of rebellion on my least this was the worst of it, right?! So, just to make my mom feel better, I'm going to dress my little girl in as much PINK as I possibly can! And, if she turns out to hate pink, then so be least I get to dress her for a few short years!

My friends & family celebrated our sweet baby girl this Saturday! We had so much fun just hanging out, and ohhing & ahhing over the sweet baby clothes! I am so thankful to have such sweet people to share my joy with!

The 2 most excited grandmothers...they can't wait for a little GIRL!

I don't ususally allow this, but this is me and Tanner at 33 weeks.

Just a few of the sweet outfits Miss Tanner will show off soon!

Thomas and I are so blessed to have such a wonderful group of family and friends. Thank you all so much for your love and support! And, as promised...this is the LAST time ;)


  1. Love love love the name Tanner! ANd you look absolutely precious!! :) So excited for yall!! ~Kiera

  2. Aren't baby GIRL clothes so much FUN!!! Tanner will be one beautiful little girl with those big blue eyes that y'all both have!

  3. Girls are really fun, congrats!!!!!!