Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chunky Monkey

Tristan has been dubbed the "Chunky Monkey." Not necessarily because of his full baby figure, but more for his LOVE of eating. He has just turned 16 months old, and there isn't much this little boy won't eat. One of his favorite foods is broccoli...he shoves it in by the handfuls. He also begs for lettuce anytime I eat salad. He loves any kind of fruit; has been known to eat anything off of the grill, whether it be a steak or chicken. So, as you can see he's not all! And of course, what kid doesn't like junk food: cake, cookies, french fries, etc? But, I am now beginning to get a little worried since this came home on his daily report from daycare:
I did ask "Where did he get McDonald's?" She said, "Well, it was my lunch! He would point his little finger at whatever he wanted!"

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that he has a good appetite, that I don't have to force-feed him (like I do TJ), that he eats foods that are nutritious (mostly), and isn't picky in the least.

We all kind of laugh, and joke about his never-ending quest for food, but could it be something more serious? Maybe he doesn't have that natural feeling of fullness? I REALLY don't want to wake up one day to my 500 lb toddler, snacking on my arm!
Scary thought.

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  1. Oh mama, it's natural to worry, but your sweet chunkers is PERFECT! I love that he loves food. This should come as no shock. Soon enough, he'll be running around the neighborhood and you'll be flagging him down begging him to scarf down a PB&J.

    Hahaha - but. . .he does know good food. Wish I had the MCD's lunch today!