Wednesday, May 18, 2011

If the glove don't fit...

You must acquit! At least that was what happened to O.J. Simpson...not sure about the culprit in this case!

After a fairly normal start to our day, this quickly became the scene in my house...

...which led to little, size 3 shoe prints through my CARPETED bedroom and into my kitchen...which is where I found the suspect, with blood-red hands, leaning over the broken nail polish bottle!

After arresting the suspect, and placing him in custody:

I diligently worked to clean up the crime scene. After a bottle of nail polish remover, and little high from the fumes, all that remains of the evidence are the red stains on my carpet.

Here, in America, you are innocent until proven guilty, so I'll leave this up to the jury, innocent or guilty???


  1. You have been watching too much CSI girl! That was hilarious to read. I say, "guilty" but let him off easy since it is his first offense.....or is it? lol

  2. Too funny. I'll have to vote guilty, but only with a light sentence :)) Say something like, "bad boy" or "No NO"!!

  3. Definitely too cute to be guilty. My vote is innocent.