Friday, March 26, 2010

The Nursery...well, Sort of...

Ok, so I got to thinking in the middle of the night last night...since I wasn't sleeping, maybe Tristan has decided to hold off making his appearance until I actually complete his nursery! Yes, I know, I am 38, well almost 39 weeks, and I should have everything in order! To my own defense, I have the bed up, all of the clothes washed, the car seat in the car, but just can't make up my mind about the last few SMALL details about the nursery! But, seriously...I'm going to go home tonight, and no matter what, make Thomas hang up the last few items so that this little guy feels like I am ready...because I AM! Here are a few pictures of the nursery as it is now...

This is the bedding...I absolutely love classic and clean looking (from GAP)

Here is an upclose view...SO CUTE!

The valance that matches

The sweet turtle mobile

My mom made these lamp shades to match...they turned out PERFECT (and I already had the white lamps)!

These are little wooden turtles my mom found at Hobby Lobby...super cute too!

So, I really am ALMOST done! I just have a few more of the wooden turtles, 3 canvas turtle prints, and his initials to hang. Getting it done tonight!


  1. Precious! And hey, don't feel too bad. At least Tristan has a room. Bo sleeps in a crib next to our bed!

  2. Very cute! I love that bedding ;)

  3. Love love love it!! The bedding is oh so cute!!I'm sure he's now ready!! :) Come on baby Tristan! We will be praying for yall!