Friday, July 1, 2011

And the criminal strikes again

I know, he appears cute, sweet, and innocent...even cuddly at times, but don't be fooled by this lifetime criminal....first he murdered my carpet, now he's been caught again...this time stealing! And, he's good at it; he's like one of those Ocean's 11 guys: a conniving, smart, well-thought out planning kind of thief. He starts his mission like a shark, circling his prey...around and around, stalking them and watching their every move, until he comes up with his perfect plan of attack. His prey, always being his big brother, who has unknowingly fallen into his trap. TJ sits on the floor, watching cartoons, while eating his breakfast on a stool. The hardened criminal scopes out his target:Upon noticing his prey is completely engulfed in cartoons, he squats down directly in front of him with stealthy motion. Once in position, he slowly pulls the stool away from TJ. Finally, TJ partially comes back to reality, and pulls the stool back, at this point Tristan realizes his plan has worked out perfectly. He grabs for the plate, and swipes TJ's last 2 pieces of waffle...SUCCESS!

WARNING: there is a blue eyed, blonde haired, chunky baby on the loose...he's been caught twice, and is suspected armed, with 12 teeth, and dangerous...don't let him get too close!

1 comment:

  1. Okay, so if I catch him, what do I do?
    Kiss him?
    Hug him?
    Gobble him up? Or all three? I'll do all three just to be on the safe side.