Monday, August 8, 2011

First Day of School

TJ has been somewhat dreading the start of school this year, which is kind of odd considering he's only going into the 1st Grade! You would think he wouldn't dread going to school at least until 2nd Grade! And, he's got to be the luckest 1st Grader ever...he gets to have his KK as his awesome is that?! I think it's just his lazy streak (which his dad says comes from his Uncle Mike...sorry Uncle Mike)! The only thing he has worried about is ALL of the homework he will have to do this year. But, come this morning, he was excited to put on his new shoes, new back pack, and start the 1st Grade!

Here he is with his First Grade Teacher, Mrs. Hill!

It was also Thomas' first day of school, with students! And, Tristan moved up to his big-boy class at daycare this morning! Here they all are on their first day:

And, as always, Tristan likes to start off his new class with...a little snack!


  1. Can't believe TJ is in the 1st grade! Where does time go? You're boys are precious and I can't wait to see that little girl!! ~Kiera