Friday, July 30, 2010

Feeling a Little Nostalgic

So, yesterday morning was a sad day in my house...I lost a close companion that has been with me for 11 years, longer than even my husband, so I thought she deserved a little blog time.

This is my CONAIR, and yes it deserves capital letters, hairdryer that I had to lay to rest in the garbage can this morning. She has been with me for the past 11...ELEVEN years! My life has changed dramatically over these past 11 years and CONAIR has been with me every step of the way. She left the safety of Auburn to travel to college at Troy with me...first we lived in Clemens Hall; what a dump, but looking back I remember SO much fun had there! She traveled everywhere with me during my 3 years cheering for Troy; Cincinnati, Miami, Maryland, Nebraska, Texas, Louisiana. I used her services the night I met my husband, and later the day we got married. She was there on our Honeymoon cruise, and she was there in the hospital when I had both of my boys. She was with us when we moved into our first "real" house. She has dried the hair of my friends, my husband, my son, our dog Mya loved her, and of course my hair! So, needless to say I am saddened my the loss.

Yesterday, when CONAIR quit, I went to work with wet hair. So, on my lunch break, I headed to Wal-mart to pick out the replacement, and until she proves to be as sturdy and reliable as CONAIR, she will remain "replacement." Since CONAIR lasted SO long, I knew which brand I would buy, but there were so many choices...but, here's what I went replacement.

I have to admit, I did try CONAIR one more time before carefully wrapping up her cord and placing her gently into the garbage, but she couldn't do it, it was over. So, after 10 minutes of trying to get replacement out of the box, I gave her a, this is what I should've gotten a picture of...the hurricane force winds that replacement blows out! I think I have windburn! But, I do have to say...Man, my hair looks good today!

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  1. OH you are too precious! I can totally understand the sentimental value of something you use everyday. My mom had to return her coffee maker a few weeks ago because it was on recall at Walmart.
    Having curly hair myself, I can't really relate to the blow-dryer thing. I too have a CONAIR, and it works wonders, but it makes my hair TOO curly...*yes, there is such a thing.* LOL.

    Love this post!