Thursday, July 8, 2010

I found the perfect babysitter...

And no, it's not TJ. He tends to ignore Tristan the majority of the time, not to mention he's only 5. I have been on the search for the perfect babysitter, I know they exist, I have heard about them in discussions with other mothers. We are extremely fortuntate to have both Thomas' parents and my Mom within a 25 mile radius, but I finally found one that lives much closer! There are times when I just need a few minutes to get some underwear washed for the next day, or go to the restroom A.L.O.N.E., or change my clothes into those oh-so-comfy sweat pants that are oh-so-flattering! And here she is, in ALL of her glory, my perfect sitter:

No, my TV doesn't actually look like this one, it's a much older, boxier version... but works none the less! I took this picture of the boys this morning, both watching cartoons, both blissfully happy in doing so! I can't believe a 3 month old baby is so entertained by watching TV. And, for those of you who think TV is evil...well, I guess you could come over and watch the boys, so I can have a few spare minutes?! We do try to limit the TV time that TJ has, at least making him get the recommended 60 minutes of exercise a day, since most 5 year olds need that recommendation! But seriously, how cool is it that I can have a few minutes to brush my teeth, without a squirming baby in my arms; or fold some laundry so guests can enter through the garage door without stepping over the piles; or maybe I can even eat a WARM dinner!


  1. Aww...I wish I was closer so I could come babysit!!!!!

  2. Amen Sister! Anyone who doesn't agree doesn't have boys like ours!!