Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Four Generations

Thomas and I are so grateful to have 2 of our grandmothers still living. So TJ and Tristan have 2 GREAT-grandmothers! The woman now famous for her "Granny-isms" is Thomas' grandmother. She is 88 years old...will be 89 this September! We took some time this past Sunday to get a new 4 generation picture now that Tristan his her newest great-grandchild.

Thomas and I were so upset that we had the opportunity to get both sides of our 4 generations in one picture when my grandmother was in town! Hopefully we will remember next time!

We also had TJ & Tristan's pictures taken by a professional...since you have seen my lovely attempts to get them together didn't turn out so well! Check out the photo preview HERE...they are PRECIOUS!

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