Tuesday, July 20, 2010


image thanks to: www.unctv.org/pressroom/children/index.html

Ever heard of Word World? It comes on PBS Kids...every day...Still no? Well, me neither; that is until TJ introduced us to it a little while back. He LOVES this show, and I have to admit, it is pretty cute...and educational! Any way, TJ wanted to rent a Word World DVD to watch the other night. He watched it twice that night and twice yesterday...so, needless to say, he has it memorized forwards and backwards by this point! This morning he begged me with his sweet baby blues looking extra puppy dog-ish to watch it with him...so, of course I couldn't turn him down! So, I raced to shower, put on my makeup, dried my hair, and threw on some clothes so I could have 15 spare minutes to watch one episode with him. We turned on the DVD at 7:46...not bad...I'd only be about 5 minutes late for work...thank goodness this DVD doesn't have previews (cause he loves to watch them and won't let you click to the menu)! But it does have the FBI WARNING message as all DVD's do:

When this warning is shown before a movie, do you even think about it? I know I don't. But of course my child, who notices EVERYTHING, noticed the warning.

TJ: "Mom, what does that say?"

Me: "Well, it just says that you could go to jail or have to pay a bunch of money if you copy this movie."

TJ: (Now, looking REALLY distressed) "Mom, I don't copy it...I just watch!"

Me: (Not really paying full attention as I am trying to get the movie started...it's already 7:48!)

TJ: (In a whisper) "Mom, well.........I DO COPY it sometimes!!!" (As he starts singing the opening song)

Guess he's not too worried about the copyright law!!!

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  1. That child is WAY too smart girl! Start saving up for law school now! I love keeping up with your sweet family with your blog and on Facebook. I would never know where or what any of my dear friends are doing if not for all this technology! Your boys are precious, precious, precious and Tales of TJ always make me smile! We must do a girls lunch soon! Hugs from the Praters!