Friday, July 11, 2014

Dear Show-and-Tell:

Oh, my dear show-and-tell. It's that day of the week again...Friday! Yay for Fridays! Except this morning, while still snuggled warmly in my bed and completely zonked out, I faintly hear the sounds of my toddlers running through the house. Usually this sound is followed by them barreling through my bedroom door, proudly announcing at the top of their lungs, "Supwise! We awake!" Not this morning though. Oh no. This morning, I was snapped out of my cozy slumber by the sound of my garage deadbolt being unlocked, and quickly followed by the electric noises of my garage door being raised! When we asked why they being 4 and 2 years old, were going outside, immediately after waking up, Tristan replied..."I had to get my dump twuck for show-n-tell, Daddy! And, put watta on it 'cause it's dirwty!"

On Fridays, this child is fully dressed, fed, teeth brushed with shoes on his feet before I can get out of the shower! Tristan is strong-willed, let's just be honest, and wants everything to go his way and the way he sees it should. So, when he realized that his truck was dirty this morning, and he had been planning since yesterday to take his dump truck for show-and-tell, he had to get it clean! He spent about 20 minutes cleaning his truck...sprawling napkins from one end of my garage to the other.

Then, my dearest show-and-tell, thank heavens I only have a 20 minute drive to daycare because my child gave me a headache worrying me constantly, then entire way, about his dirty truck!
Tristan: "Mommy...My twuck is still weally dirwty!"
Me: "I think it will be ok. It's really not that bad."
Tristan: "Yes it is. I'm not going to take it to show-and-tell. I want something else."
Me: "We're already on our way. Search the car for something else then."
Tristan: "I don't want to take something else. I want to take my twuck."
Me: "Well, take your truck then."
Tristan: "But, it's too diwrty!"
Me: "Then, don't take anything."

Finally a break to take a breath.

Tristan: "Mommy...Miss C won't like my diwrty twuck in her class."
Me: "Tristan, I really think it will be ok."
Tristan: "Well, if Miss L comes to get me, she won't let me have my diwrty twuck!"
Me: "It will be fine. It's not that dirty!"

Seriously...I can keep going. This went on for the entire 20 minute drive!

No need to torture anyone further so I'll fast forward to: upon arriving at school, I found an already used napkin in Tanner's carseat cupholder, and did a little Mommy-magic! I "cleaned" that sucker up!

He looks stoked, huh?! And, Sissy photobombing in the background, is just ticked that she isn't old enough to have show-and-tell yet..she actually looks pretty creepy..

I was picturing my Friday beginning with a skipping frolic into the office...thanks for the reality check show-and-tell!

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  1. Oh my. How I've missed you so! That story is hilarious. I'm in a giggling fit over here, and my family is looking at me like I'm crazy:))) I love the story, and that pic is priceless. . .XOXO Love, love, love your sweet family.