Thursday, July 15, 2010

Law School in the Future?

Legally Blonde was on T.V. last night, so with nothing else on "because cartoons don't come on at night" I tell TJ, we started watching. I felt for sure when Thomas arrived home, he would sigh so often that I would eventually change the channel to something sports oriented, so why not enjoy a little chick-flick action while I could! But, when Thomas arrived home he let me continue to watch in peace...I must have looked horribly exhausted or something...

During the movie, when Elle gets accepted to Harvard and begins her first day of law school, I lean over and tell TJ..."Uncle Mike is going to law school right now too...just like her." Thomas explained that Uncle Mike was going to be a lawyer. Of course, being the ever inquisitive child that he is, he asks "What's a lawyer?"

Thomas: "Well, it's a job where you argue and get paid for it..."

TJ is quiet for a few seconds (a feat in itself) then responds: "I guess I'm already a lawyer then 'cause I argue!"

We tried to explain that all he gets for arguing is 5 minutes in timeout.

Thomas has always told TJ "You're JUST like your Uncle Mike!" I don't think he realizes that those things he does...could be like HIM too ;)

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  1. That's hilarious! And hey, as smart as that child is, you've definitely got some extra type of schooling in your future. Whether it be medical school, law school, etc, he's going places!
    Love the pics!

  2. So cute:) I would love to come visit your family, since I am in Auburn now - and I would totally come babysit!