Thursday, April 25, 2013

Opening Day

Baseball season is here. And, Saturday was opening day. And, as all opening days go. . . at least in our sleepy little town. . . it was well S L O W and running behind! But, thankfully Thomas had taken TJ on early to get his pictures, and we stayed behind to let Tanner finish or elongate her nap. I still had to wake her, which left me with a slightly cranky little girl; I mean check out those faces in the pics below. By the time we made it the park, they still weren't starting our game, so we took the little ones over to the play ground to get a little energy out.

But, it wasn't too terribly long after we got there before the big game got started. TJ played catcher for several innings, and then short stop for another inning. He went 3 for 3 hitting, and was happy with that! You can really tell that these boys have gotten better since last year. TJ had his own little cheering section with both sets of Grandparents, Uncle Buck, and Granny in attendance. We are going to enjoy one more season with only one ball player, 'cause look out world. . .Tristan starts t-ball next year!

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  1. BASEBALL SEASON!!!!! YIPPPEEEE!!!!! Oh how I love this time of year!!! The family gets to be out in the air, playing and enjoying one another. Good for you guys! Our softball regular season just ended. Now we are into All Stars. It's a little more high energy, and the parents get crazier, but we love it. Maybe that's because we're crazy too:) I loved all the pics you took! I'm so jealous. I can't seem to figure out how to take pictures and still pay attention. Uuuggghhh. Thanks for sharing!