Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Egg Hunts, Birthday, and Easter...all rolled into one!

This year, Tristan's Birthday happened to fall on Easter Sunday. And it being Easter weekend, we also had other events to attend...so what did we do...ALL of it of course! Thankfully, I had Good Friday off from work, and we were able to take TJ to see the new movie The Croods...and it was really cute! Then, my mom watched all 3 so we could get some shopping done. We sure do LOVE our Nana!!! Saturday morning we went to the annual Sonrise Celebration and egg hunt at our church. It was good food, good fun, and good company...not to mention a great JESUS celebration!

After early naps, we headed to All Play to jump, slide, and exhaust the kiddos for Tristan's birthday! He had some friends from church join us, and also a friend from school came up to play!

Then, we headed home for a Tristan celebration with Mickey and our friends and family. The day couldn't have been better, and I think Tristan had a blast!

Tristan is such a special little boy! He keeps us on our toes, teaches us the meaning of patience on a daily (or hourly) basis, tests his boundaries, but he is such a loving, caring, compassionate, and sensitive little boy and we wouldn't want him any other way! We love the "mayhem" he brings into our life...and is currently teaching his little sister to follow in his footsteps...or those he left in red nail polish!

Sunday morning, we enjoyed Easter Bunny treats, and scurried to get ready and out the door for church!

I managed to get a family shot before we left the house...as always, not perfect, but we'll never forget the REALITY of having 3 young kids ;-)

And after a little begging (and a possible threat to Tristan), I did manage to get a few precious shots of the kids before we walked into church.

After church we were able to eat with all of the Hills and Nana...couldn't have been better for us. We tried to get a few group shots...but, the kids weren't even listening to threats at this point!

Papa and KK invited us over after lunch for an Easter egg hunt. There was supposed to be a kids hunt and a separate adult hunt, but the eggs were all in the same place and the kids got a head start...TJ ended up with $159...and the next closest winner was me, with $44! I think TJ may be ready to hunt with the adults next year!!!

This weekend honestly couldn't have gotten much better. We are so incredibly thankful and blessed for our 3 healthy, beautiful babies, and no less thankful for the family we are surrounded with. And, we wouldn't have anything if it weren't for our Glorious Lord, and Savior.

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