Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sugar & Spice, Snips & Snails...What are Mommy's Made of?

Mother's Day is coming up Sunday, and it got me thinking about all of the sappy things I see about Motherhood. Don't get me wrong, I love being a mom. . .it is the absolute best thing in life and what God has called me to do, but folks I'm about the truth. . .and Motherhood isn't always made of sugar & spice or even snips & snails and puppy dog tails! However, it is what we make of it and how we view those moments (sometimes even few and far between moments) that make being a mother worth everything!

Children make life interesting, full of twists and turns that change from one minute to the next. We mothers have to adapt to every situation, quickly and effectively. Like earlier this week, one minute I was cleaning up an entire bathroom full of poop (not that you need details, but from the tub, to the floor, to the toilet seat covered in poop); to the next minute cleaning up throw-up (from a different child and neither was actually ill) in the living room.

We must also be patient; very patient. Like when you (or possibly I) have the strongest willed 3 year old on the planet. . .who is also already proving to be pretty sneaky as well! Like the other day I was getting dressed for work, and Tristan took Tanner into his room and closed the door. Yes, I know, bad from the get go. So, I finished putting on my pants. . .still no shirt on, but knowing Mayhem, I knew that I needed to check on them ASAP. I was yelling (in a nice tone) "Tanner, Tristan. . .what are you guys doing?" the whole way to the room. When I opened the door, they both stopped in their tracks and looked up at me.

Me: "Tristan, what are you guys up to?"

Tristan: "Nuffin Mommy. We just pwayin' and sittin'."

Me: "Umm Hmmm, ok." (Yea, right!)

Tristan: "Can you get outta here, pweeze?"

Me: (At least he said please, right?!) "Let me finish getting TJ's clothes out, and I will."

When I walk out of the room, before my feet step off of the carpet, Tristan says: "OK Tanna, now we can get it!"

I turned back around and said: "Get what?"

Tristan just smiled and sat back down and said, "Nuffin!"

We mother's, whether licensed or not, tend to play nurse, doctor, and dentist on some occasions as well. The dental skills come in handy when your kiddos start loosing their teeth. Except, my skills didn't come in. I don't deal with teeth. . .other than making sure they are brushed. If they are loose, I don't really care to see them. I'll play the cute fairy that delivers the dough after they're out! Like this week, TJ pulled 3 teeth in 3 days. He looks like a jack-o-lanern! Sorry kids, you're on your own with the teeth!

And Vacations: they're a relaxing and fun family experience, right? Like when one of your children screams the entire 7 hour drive (I'm not naming names. . .TRISTAN). Or when you go to Disney, and you're 12 weeks pregnant and still throwing up every day, but put on your happy face because it's the "Happiest place on Earth!"

Thank goodness God knew how to make a "Mommy Brain!" Because thankfully, we are able to put the craziness that Motherhood brings into the far back distant fog part of our brains. And He knows, we Mom's love and cherish THOSE moments. Those moments like on a Monday afternoon, after working an 8 hour (day) job, picking up the kids from daycare, and driving 30 minutes home that all you need is for your strong-willed 3 year old to say "Mommy, I missed you today. I lub you, Mommy." And he says it, at exactly the right moment and without being prompted. Or moments when you really need to be getting ready for work, but your 18 month old is sitting in your lap, with her head on your chest watching Little Einstien's and not moving a muscle. . .so sweet. Or, when you go to watch a program for your oldest, and when you visit his classroom afterwards, he runs up and hugs you for a really long time and is truly happy and overjoyed that you are there. Those are the moments a Mommy lives for, cherishes, and remembers. . .always.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mommies! Our job IS the greatest blessing. . .don't forget that on those crazy upside down days, and always take time to cherish those precious moments!

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  1. Love this! You are so right! And I KNOW the T's "Lub" their Mama so very much! You are a hard working, loving Mommy! Happy Mother's Day to you!!!