Monday, April 15, 2013

The REALLY lost tooth

Well, we're finishing up the end of 2nd Grade, and TJ has finally lost another tooth. . .this being his 3rd tooth total. At this rate, he may be 20 before he finally loses his last baby tooth! He lost his first 2 teeth last year at once by swinging a bean bag with his teeth and they both popped out, leaving a nice, large hole for a while since they weren't actually ready to come out! This one was ready. He went to the bathroom and pulled it himself on Friday at school. His teacher put it in a little capsule so he wouldn't loose it before getting home. Nice try, Mrs. Slade, nice try. Friday afternoon, I get a phone call from Thomas:

Thomas: "Hey Babe. Got some really bad news."

Me: "Oh no! What is it?!"

Thomas: "Well, TJ lost his tooth at school today. Then, this afternoon he was playing at after-school care. . ."

Me: Panicked. The last time he called like this, TJ had busted his head open at after-school care, and was on his way to the ER to get staples in his head! "Just give it to me. . .I don't need the whole story right now!"

Thomas: "He was playing with the capsule that his tooth was in. . .and his tooth fell out. He lost his tooth."

Me: "Oh, that's it?! Ok."

Thomas: "Well, he's been really upset and has boo hooed the entire way home."

Me: "He can write the tooth fairy a note. . .no problem, I've got this."

So, when I get home, I excitedly ask TJ to see where he lost his tooth. . .he shows me, and then bursts into tears again! I calmed him down, and told him we would just write the tooth fairy a note, and all would be well. He was fine with that, and before bed, he wrote his note.

We put the note in his tooth pillow, and under his pillow pet. TJ loves to sleep on the couch (getting ready for married life, I guess), so on weekends we oblige. We all go happily to sleep and all is well in the Hill house.

Saturday morning, TJ comes running into our room, teary eyed. . ."The tooth fairy forgot to come!"

Thomas looks at me with that OH CRAP WE FELL ASLEEP look, and explains that maybe the tooth fairy was confused, and left it under his pillow on his bed. He jumped up, grabbed the quarters ($2 worth in quarters since neither one of us had any cash), and tries to beat TJ to his bed. Thankfully, that crazy tooth fairy was just confused and had left the money on his bed, under that pillow! TJ was so excited that the tooth fairy had come, and again, all is well. . .


  1. this is hilarious. i love the mind of a little boy!! <3

  2. Seriously. Y'all are the funniest and best parents ever. REALLY! Loved this story!