Monday, July 29, 2013

The Great Escape

Our lives have been crazier than usual over the past few weeks due to the new HEAD COACH, so it was really nice to be able to escape to Guntersville for the weekend. It was awesome to wake up in the mornings and have Nana come grab the kids so we could relax or sleep for just a few more minutes. It was great not to have to be anywhere, at any specific time. It was nice to just be together. . .without emails, phone calls, and texts at all hours of the day.

We arrived late Friday night because TJ had family night at his camp, Maranook. But when we arrived, Nana & Bill had planned a little celebration for the new coach. . .Complete with news articles, cake, and a football monogrammed with his first season's schedule. Really special!

After getting a little extra shut-eye Saturday morning (thanks again Nana), we ate yummy pancakes and went straight for the pool!

For lunch, we headed to the dam for a picnic on the water. It was perfect weather (finally), and the kids loved climbing on the rocks!

Now, it's Monday. . .back to real life. Official football practice starts this Thursday, and the first day of school is next Thursday! Summer, where did you go?!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fab weekend! Gotta love those Grandma's. I liken them to the calvary. . .they storm in and just take over:) Congrats on the new Head Coach Job!!! That is so fantastic!!! Woohoo!!! Football season is here! Let the fun begin!!!